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  1. Three of us braved yesterday's rain and wind to try and find some perch in canandaguia yesterday. We put in at a private launch in cottage city around 8:30 am. Lots of rain and lots of wind. Found some schooling around there in one of the usual spots in the 18-24' depths. Water temp was 63. Bite was on and off until 11:30 when it died completely. Since we had the lake completely to ourselves we motored around and tried a few spots with no real luck. Tried the floating island and marked fish but only caught a few right at the 22' depth. Finished up the day with 40 or so keepers between the three of us. Cold and windy but Beat a day at work. Here's a pic of some as I was sharpening my filet knife. The largest here measured close to 13".
  2. Sk8Man... Don't worry about that! I was not at all offended. I KNOW its a small boat and not designed for what I'm doing with it. I am definitely pushing the limits and I should probably dial it back on the trolling until i pull the trigger on that new boat! Or at least just pull a diver or two like I have been. I'm just always looking for better ways and more productive fishing. That's how I found you guys! Which BTW this forum is amazing. Lots of Kudos to all the guys (and girls) of the forum for sharing all their knowledge. So many people willing to help and share what works for them. I've learned a ton. Its like an apprenticeship program on a fishing boat without the seasickness... And that's crazy. I've been on a few small whalers but never out into the big O... I totally agree!! Thanks! -Steve
  3. Zack... I do want to... Workin' on a bigger boat first. Fell into the "cheap boat" trap a few years back. Learned my lesson and won't repeat it twice.
  4. Any steel line you would recommend? I stopped in Cabelas in Cheek-ta-Vegas on Friday and was lost in the fishing section for a while.... And does anyone run a snubber of your diver? I have gone back and forth sometimes using it and sometimes not. Thanks britty -Steve
  5. Npike...I've tried to adjust my fishfinder to pick up the thermocline but never could quite figure that out. Do you use a temperature gauge built into your fishfinder or is it a whole separate unit? Yes Safety is definitely my #1 concern when I'm out in the boat. Its one thing to row it around a little pond in the summer. But when It's loaded with (1) 185# Adult (1) Huge deep cell marine battery,trolling motor, poles,anchor, etc... its loaded! I really watch the wind and don't even try to go out in any chop. Its just not worth it! And that North South wind that can pick up on Hemlock is no joke... I was caught out in it once a few miles from the launch. By the time I made it to the launch a few waves came VERY close to breaking over my transom. Not fun. Thanks for all your suggestions and concerns! -Steve
  6. Frogger.... Sounds like a plan.
  7. Frogger. I'm interested in the 6 if it's for sale.
  8. Ric66 - Yes I've been out when a north south wind picks up. It's crazy how fast the lake gets rough and the waves start capping. Never fished canadice but I've been thinking about it since it's almost the same distance and my hemlock luck has been ZERO. Thanks for the suggestion and set up. I'll try the north end when I go.
  9. That sounds like a good price for what you get. I guess I'll plan a trip out to Naples for the next week or so. I gotta find out his weekend hours since work keeps me tied up during the week. Maybe just to grab some spoons and glean a little fishing wisdom if not to buy the rig. And awesome on the 3 lakers! Sk8man... Yes the size of my boat and trolling motor are very limiting. I am definitely pushing this little skiff beyond its limits and try and be very aware of the safety whenever I'm out in it. To be very honest I NEVER intended to take this boat out on any lake. I built it with my little boys partly to honor my Grandfather (A WW2 paratrooper who spent 50 years of his life after the war building and repairing and sailing wood boats!), partly because I love all things water and I have semi-decent woodworking skills and partly because I love fishing! I mostly take it out in one of the ponds in Mendon or other small bodies of water with any or all 4 of my little boys. I have to be very aware of the weather and wind in this thing especially on any unprotected waters and don't take the kids out on any big waters in this. I have toyed with the idea of grabbing an older 2-4 hp 2 stroke since thats what this boat was designed to carry. It would be nice to get that 90lb deep cell marine battery out of the boat! I did buy an older 17' penn yan a few years back and did a lot of restoration and repair work but cut and run when I saw the problems with the inboard and I/O were gonna lead me down a never ending path of spending money. Maybe in a few years I'll jump in and buy another boat. I do have the plans for a nice 16' fishing boat that I'm eventually going to build. Along with another kayak and canoe....... Until then I'll keep trying with what I have.
  10. Had to make myself feel better about getting skunked again. Landed this nice 15-1/2" brown on an ultralight with a little panther Martin on my lunch break.
  11. Yeah that was a big bummer...Hate losing gear. Especially expensive gear!!! I really stayed with the flys and should have probably switched over to spoons. I was surprised that I was hitting bottom as well. I think its the #1 but I do have the o ring on it which causes it to dive deeper. I was bumping bottom with anywhere between 250 ft and 280ft of line out on the line counter. My GPS pegged me at 2-3 most of the time but its just a app on my phone so who knows. I marked a few fish but my depthfinder/fishfinder is a downscan imaging el cheapo by lowrance not really meant for what I'm trying to use it for! Thanks! Built it a few years ago with my boys. Its really meant to row around on a small pond/lake. I'm definitely pushing it to its limits! Thanks for all your help and advice!
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