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  1. Thanks all for the responses. R.B., sent you a pm. Sk8man, it’s funny I live right in Newark and never even thought of Colocino’s but stopped at Geneva Electric after work, go figure. I do like the suggestion, I’ll tuck that one away. They changed names but are still a supply house I believe. Good luck to any and all fishing the derby this weekend. Hoping to be right there with you.
  2. Wondering if anyone knows where I might find some bare solid 20 gauge copper locally for my hand line rigs. I used to buy it at Barry’s in Waterloo until they closed and then resorted to the internet but I’d rather keep my business local if possible. I’ve checked a few spots with no luck unless it’s maybe 22g but that’s not my go to anymore.
  3. Thanks. Just talked with a guy at work who told me roughly the same. Keep me up to date if you can. Until then I'll keep playing around at Seneca. Was hoping to go try for some perch and crappie. Nothing hot to report on Seneca at least for me yet. Those jumbos are a different breed but, on a positive note, the first trip of the year with the boat went freakishly smooth. The trailer lights even worked.
  4. Does anyone know if the Woodville launch and the West River are open yet? Thinking of looking for some panfish mid-week if they are.
  5. I seen the same thing on Seneca yesterday headed out of the State Park/Melons Cove area. I seem to remember hearing the same info. as the above post. Anyways, it's definitely not limited to Cayuga.
  6. First trip of the season on Seneca. Fished 1045 til 0145....late start due to morning school bus stop duty but the lakers cooperated anyway. They were fairly well concentrated today once they were located. Marked a few large bait clouds and that was the ticket. Fished North End staying mostly around 45'-50'. Went 4 for 4.....smallest at 3lbs. largest at 5lbs. All fish were well fed. Also ran a topline in conjunction with wire but didn't manage anything on that despite numerous suspended marks.....too late of a start and too bright in my opinion. Surface temps were reading 52-54.5 fairly uniform. All in all a good way to start the year.
  7. Don, Yup, I only run copper when handlining and not the braided stuff only solid. Solid seems to "absorb" less water if this make any sense and is much easier on your hands than the braid is. As far as steel is concerned I would stay away from it when running a handline not only to reduce the cut factor but because it tends to kink easier when feeding it out and it is harder to get a good splice. I used to run only the light 22 guage stuff when I started out because I liked the feel of the bottom and lures much better with it but then switched to heavier 20 gauge because you don't need to run as much to get to the same depth and the larger diameter is easier on the fingers. You may or may not want to take wire gauge into consideration too if you are using the A&S as I believe it only has a copper capacity of about 300' give or take. This may not be an issue if you only run flasher rigs and sinkers but I prefer some versatility and actually run my lures without sinkers or flashers probably 90-95% of the time and do very well. This being said you need some extra wire capacity without running a weight and so I usually spool up about 600' of copper on homemade hand reels for the extra capacity. As far as your weight goes, I personally would stay closer to the 1# mark....I maybe up it to about 1.5# if I end up running multiple leaders above the flasher rig. My primary season for flasher rigs is mainly August/September and again in the Winter. Some years they never even come out in the summer. If the fishing is hot enough like this year, I will run straight spoons. This has been changing the last couple of weeks though so time will tell, they might get wet yet. I have more info I can PM to you if you're interested. Jeff
  8. For Sale: Eagle Skimmer Transducer w/ Temp HS-WSDX - $50 Purchased new as a replacement and used less than 6 times prior to replacing entire fish finder. Eagle Speed Sensor (Paddle Wheel) - $30 Eagle GPS Receiver EGC12W - $50 All accesories have the grey connectors. Please check for the compatibility of your own particular unit. Thanks for looking. I will post if/when items are sold.
  9. Hi. Don't see many posting about this technique anymore in the "new" age of wire lines, dipseys, etc. It's good to know someone out there is still interested. I have run flashers on Seneca with a hand line for 15+ years now and never found the need for a snubber. I have used both 25# and 50# mono for the connection to my weight and both with success. I have also tried 50# braid and had success with that however I like the way the mono handles in this situation much better. No need to get fancy either unless you want to or have an undying urge to waste $$....I have used the cheap spools of shakespeare mono found at walmart for this application and have yet to loose a weight. I did loose an entire flasher rig once but that was only because I missed a kink in my copper. Spend the extra money on other tackle and pay closer attention to the leader mat'l. you choose for your lures. Good luck in this new endeavor and tight lines!!
  10. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 9/11/11 Time on Water: 0700-1300 Weather/Temp: Partly-Mostly Sunny Wind Speed/Direction: Lt. S.E. Waves: 0-1 ft. Surface Temp: 63-68 Location: Salmon River - Grindstone LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 3 Total Boated: 1 Species Breakdown: King Hot Lure: Nat. Born Killer Trolling Speed: 2.9 - 3.2 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 30'-45' Lure Depth: 25'-35' . ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Late start. Trolling at 7. Majority of marks at 30'. Had a fair number of lookers streaking balls early. Tried shortening lead on one and took a shot on NK Mag Frog set at 28' around 0800. Dropped fist one of the day not a good sign No action off right rigger or 90' wire at all. Wire was running chrome frog SD w/ greencheese g-fly and right rigger running a variety of NK Mags and Pirate 44's. Changed out f.f. combo with green mongoose j-plug and set a meat rig off right rigger. Still slow going although after dying down in the mid morning the screen started lighting up more again at late morning and fish were seen surfacing more as surface temp rose. Finally pulled meat rig and set up nat. born killer stinger at 30' over 35'. 10 mins after setting took a 18.7 king. Trolled waypts. following various hooks for another 1 1/2 hrs taking one more shot on the same stinger at 30' but dropped again....having a hard time with that. All in all it was a beautiful day on the water though and while quieter than I was hoping for this time of year I was still grateful for the chance to get out. Tight lines to everyone. Hoping for at least one more good trip before they all head upriver.
  11. tcon, I have to agree and it works great! I fought with one of my boom counters malfunctioning on and off for at least one season. I kept looking online for parts when I couldn't find them locally and found a whole slew of different prices, some counters that came with gears and some where they had to be purchased separately....you name it. Finally, this past spring when I was fishing up north I stopped at Woody's in Port Ontario and found them with the gear for about $19 so I bought a set for each rigger and have been using them flawlessly all summer. They aren't the original Cannon replacement but like I said they've been helping me on Seneca all year without a problem and installation was a snap....about 5 minutes. Tight lines!
  12. Hey all! I came across a spare 47lc accudepth in the garage this week while cleaning and waiting out the lousy weather. I knew it was there but as of yet it hasn't found its place in the ever growing arsenal. Looking for any possible suggestions as to where to mix it in. I currently have two rigger rods set up with 47's on 9' uglystix and a 47 set up with a heartland and 7 strand for divers. I'm thinking of looking at leadcore or copper but after looking over 15+ pages of info on here about the two I'm still not any further along in my decision making. I run Ontario in the spring for browns and again in the fall for the kings mainly because of boat size until money and home repairs allow The rest of the year I dedicate mainly to Seneca chasing the landlocks and lakers. Thanks in advance for your time.
  13. Replaced Eagle sonar unit this spring and have available as follows (all with gray connectors): 1-200kHz transducer new last season asking $40 1-GPS external receiver asking $40 (SOLD) 1-Water Speed Sensor asking $20 All prices firm. Items are located in Newark, NY.
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