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Just Ducky

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  1. So how did you do Chris?
  2. So how was the fishing?
  3. I still have these. Just in time for spring browns. All 4 for $120 plus shipping.
  4. Just Ducky

    hooks for flies

    Where did you order them from?
  5. Just Ducky

    Fly Leaders

    Thanks Guys!
  6. Just Ducky

    Fly Leaders

    153 views and no one has any opinions?
  7. Just Ducky

    the oak

    That's how you do it right there!
  8. Just Ducky

    Niagara bar

    Nice fish! We fished it Saturday morning. 9 fish boated, all kings but nothing over 12 pounds. Only kept one that was gill hooked and not going to make it. Traffic was insane! We kept running into a guy that was fishing out of a blue Lund using his bow mount electric to steer with. He was not paying any attention where he was going while setting out his rods. Got close enough to have a normal voice conversation with him. He spouted off about outside boats need to yield to boats on the drop. I said nicely that he pushed us out in 150' of water and that there were two other boats outside me that he pushed out as well. He looked at his fish finder, shrugged his shoulders and finally turned back in towards the drop. We just turned around heading the other way at that point just to get away from him. We came back up and low and behold the same guy decided to turn around right in front of 4 or 5 boats to get back on the drop going the other direction. Yelling at other boats to get out of his way. I promptly name him Mr. Ontario, because his family MUST own Lake Ontario. LOL! There are some bigger fish there. Our friend was fishing right along side us and got 4 up to 24 lbs. They dropped 5 others. It's only going to get better in the next two to three weeks. If you fish it, keep your cool and don't let Mr. Ontario push you around!
  9. Just Ducky

    Fly Leaders

    Fly Leaders I am looking to tie some leaders and want to get opinions on hook manufactures and sizes everyone else uses. Both treble and octopus styles. If you use two single hooks, what do you use?
  10. Just Ducky

    Olcott 8/16

    Nice work Eyecatcher! Welcome to Lake Ontario fishing. Keep the reports coming.