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  1. Thanks Guys!
  2. 153 views and no one has any opinions?
  3. That's how you do it right there!
  4. Nice fish! We fished it Saturday morning. 9 fish boated, all kings but nothing over 12 pounds. Only kept one that was gill hooked and not going to make it. Traffic was insane! We kept running into a guy that was fishing out of a blue Lund using his bow mount electric to steer with. He was not paying any attention where he was going while setting out his rods. Got close enough to have a normal voice conversation with him. He spouted off about outside boats need to yield to boats on the drop. I said nicely that he pushed us out in 150' of water and that there were two other boats outside me that he pushed out as well. He looked at his fish finder, shrugged his shoulders and finally turned back in towards the drop. We just turned around heading the other way at that point just to get away from him. We came back up and low and behold the same guy decided to turn around right in front of 4 or 5 boats to get back on the drop going the other direction. Yelling at other boats to get out of his way. I promptly name him Mr. Ontario, because his family MUST own Lake Ontario. LOL! There are some bigger fish there. Our friend was fishing right along side us and got 4 up to 24 lbs. They dropped 5 others. It's only going to get better in the next two to three weeks. If you fish it, keep your cool and don't let Mr. Ontario push you around!
  5. Fly Leaders I am looking to tie some leaders and want to get opinions on hook manufactures and sizes everyone else uses. Both treble and octopus styles. If you use two single hooks, what do you use?
  6. Nice work Eyecatcher! Welcome to Lake Ontario fishing. Keep the reports coming.
  7. Wanted

    I have 4 Shimano Triton 100-G listed on here. $150 takes them all.
  8. Will also be in Olcott next weekend.
  9. I have two 9-1/2 footers I would be willing to let go. Will be in Olcott next weekend. Let me know if interested.
  10. Shimano Triton 100-G reels Four lightly used Shimano Triton 100-G level wind reels. I bought them to use for spring brown fishing. Just haven't made it up in the spring recently. Spooled with 10 lb Trilene. $40 ea or $150 for all 4 . Located in Ohio. Willing to ship at buyers expense.
  11. No we don't enter the derby. Maybe we should have this year.
  12. Best depth for us was 130 to 180 off the drop on the east end around the 02 line. We got all the way up into 60 and out as far as 220.
  13. I fished with my two sons this past weekend in Lake Ontario. We were staying in Olcott from Friday until Sunday. We rolled into Olcott about 4:00 PM Friday afternoon. We rigged the boat an headed out to catch the evening bite. We were disappointed with the action out of Olcott that night. We only caught 2 small kings that we released. We decided to head over to the Niagara Bar on Saturday morning to see if anything was going on down there. We heard rumors that the kings were starting to stage there. We were not disappointed. We caught majors ranging from 22 to 33 pounds. We took 9 fish on Saturday and 10 more on Sunday morning. I caught my personal best 31 pounder. My oldest son caught the biggest of the trip tipping the scale at 33 pounds. My younger son got one that weighed 28 pounds. I also caught my first Atlantic this trip. We took some huge rips on the wire dipsies. One broke the leader off the fly and the other straightened out the hook on the fly. Best set up’s were wire dipsies out on 3 settings at 250 with a size 0 dip and 150 on a mag dipsie set on a 1 setting and riggers parked at 60 to 80 feet down. Meat rigs took some nice fish. Spin Doctors in Mountain Dew with a green crinkle fly and white Spin Doctor with green dots with a green hammer fly also did well. The only spoon that really worked well, was a black NK Mag with raspberry tape with a white back. Seasick waddler also took a few shots. A great weekend with my boys! First time the 3 of us we were able to fish together all year and we made some lasting memories this trip. Netting a 33 pounder at sunrise Largest of the trip at 33 pounds My 31 pounder 28 pounds A great day! A nice silver 22 pounder.