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  1. Has anyone ever mounted shark weight holders off Big Jon Captain Packs? If so, do you have any pictures? I am thinking it would take some modifications to make them fit.
  2. I will take them! Sent you a PM for payment.
  3. Shaft Length and price? I assume it is 24 v?
  4. Cost, year motor and HP please.
  5. Very nice! You have a really nice set up. I am a little jealous! Your wife knew just what needed done to get the boat ready for the road. We were in the Lund yesterday at the ramp when you were buttoning everything down getting ready to head home. We followed each other on 90 for quite a while back to Ohio. We landed 5 for 7 yesterday morning in 70 to 120 ft east of Olcott. Largest was 29 lbs. Meat rigs worked best for us. We landed some on spoons and only one on a Spin Dr and fly.
  6. One steel and one two year old. Both on 400 copper. Lake is laying down now
  7. Maybe they messed up the metric conversion to pounds??
  8. I still have these. Just in time for spring browns. All 4 for $120 plus shipping.
  9. 153 views and no one has any opinions?
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