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  1. Locoman

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Give Shwacker a try. You won't be disappointed. https://www.swhacker.com/
  2. Locoman

    Spring's first signs

    I was driving through Akron yesterday and saw a dead skunk and a possum along the road. Another sign that spring is not far away.
  3. Locoman

    Bayrat lures

    "I wonder if Cabelas will honor it since they are owned by Bass Pro now. Wouldn’t hurt to call and ask." Cabelas will take your Bass Pro card and convert it to a Cabelas card. I did this last fall. Just go to the customer service desk.
  4. All is well. Merry Christmas to all.
  5. In Pennsylvania. The further south you are the later the sun sets. Todays sunset in Jacksonville FL was 5:29 p.m.. Give the guy a break....a good story in my books.
  6. Locoman

    Fish ID

    It's a Pauger.
  7. Locoman

    Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    Cam Lock Box and Python lock. Haven't had a camera stolen in 3 years. I feel your pain. http://camlockbox.com/
  8. Locoman

    Walleye mount

    Nice job Bryan.
  9. Locoman

    Big crappie

    Another beautiful mount Bryan.
  10. Locoman

    Pick one Brown Trout Port...

    Point Breeze just west of the Oak.
  11. Locoman

    Coyotes and Fox 2016/2017

    That yote was 3 doors away from my house. My daughter has 2 little ****zus. All I'll say is, that yote is lucky I didn't see it in my back yard..... or PHFFFFT.
  12. Locoman

    Oneida Lake

    Join Iceshanty.com. Plenty of info for Oneida. You'll need 3 posts before you can access the conditions board but there is a thread in the general board with lots of posts.
  13. Locoman

    Sheds already

    Could be due to Global warming that they are shedding this early................Just saying...........
  14. Locoman

    Legacy- 2016 Deer Season

    Why care about the drop point and what it will score. Shoot it and hang it on your wall. Beautiful buck for sure.
  15. Locoman

    Legacy- 2016 Deer Season

    Congrats. Late season hunts can be productive when the hunting pressure has lessened,