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  1. You heat that Johnson housing with a tig it will break in time right where you weld it Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. I have had the 94 dv for 2 seasons now have no complaints works vary well all the way to 600 feet of water that's more than I can say for the lowrance I had for 2 months Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Other post on here says it stats at 8:00 which one is right Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. no matter what unit you have the key to making it work is repeatability as long as you can repeat the speed the fish want on your unit you will catch them consistantly
  5. started taking my wife about 1995 she has become the best fishing partner I have ever had I think she buys more tackle than I do these days
  6. nice brown. he will never forget that one
  7. fished out off olcott for the first time ever this weekend.left the dock at 630 on sat morning set up in 70ft in fifteen min. fish on. first 2 fish came on hawg wild spoon then they switched to flasher and fly for the rest of day.mountiandew spindoctor and blue hammer fly and a chrome silver prisem echip with a black and silver fly we finished the day 6 for 10 with the biggest in mid 20s. on sunday we set up in 60ft and headed back northeast first rod fired before second one was in the water flasher flys were hot for us the mtdew and hammer was hot along with a white flasher followed by littleboy blue. 42 second spinny and fly took 2 . we ended the day 16 for 22 we had to run flys slower than normal 1.9 to 2.0 to get bit. 44deg down temp 60 to 70 ft down over 140 to 200 ft of water. we had a 29# a 24# an several low 20s and high teens on sunday.we will return to olcott to fish next spring
  8. hey fish hunter the draggin fly will also be there that weekend with the folks from the Shelby lynn and the blue devel on board. should be a fun weekend
  9. if you have a dot number you need a log book and will be charged road tax on your milage I would look in to this before I went to motor vehical
  10. Thanks everyone who responded with help it was vary helpful. we have rented a cottage fron capt. vince pierleoni. it will be fun to finley fish the west end in the spring hope the fish will cooperate.
  11. My wife and I and 2 other couples are planning a trip to the niagra bar for sometime in may. are we better to go early or late may for possible kings. also looking for some motel or cabin info.
  12. We had a good time at breckfast with you guys on monday have to do it agian on a blow day.