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  1. check this out... https://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/satellite-data-products/modis/?redirected=/modis/region_map.html
  2. God bless you kind sir!!! Merry Christmas to you also!!!
  3. Locoman

    Sold / Closed Legacy -The 2021 Season-

    Check out Cam Lock Boxes.... Cam Lock Box.... I use these boxes along with the Python cable lock and have not had a camera stolen since. Box is lag bolted to tree and lock cable wrapped around tree and secured to box.
  4. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/hunter-kills-what-could-be-largest-buck-ever-shot-in-us/ar-BBQUT5b?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=UE12DHP Pretty gnarly lookin'. You decide which one
  5. I would not. The texture would not be the same. They should keep for a couple of days if you can wait to cook them.
  6. Had a camera stolen about six years ago. I've used Camlock boxes and Python locks since. Still have all my cameras. Check'em out. http://camlockbox.com/
  7. Time to let that hunting buddy go.
  8. Hope all is well Carl. Link to your website, http://foodchainfishing.com/
  9. Give Shwacker a try. You won't be disappointed. https://www.swhacker.com/
  10. I was driving through Akron yesterday and saw a dead skunk and a possum along the road. Another sign that spring is not far away.
  11. "I wonder if Cabelas will honor it since they are owned by Bass Pro now. Wouldn’t hurt to call and ask." Cabelas will take your Bass Pro card and convert it to a Cabelas card. I did this last fall. Just go to the customer service desk.
  12. In Pennsylvania. The further south you are the later the sun sets. Todays sunset in Jacksonville FL was 5:29 p.m.. Give the guy a break....a good story in my books.
  13. Cam Lock Box and Python lock. Haven't had a camera stolen in 3 years. I feel your pain. http://camlockbox.com/
  14. Another beautiful mount Bryan.
  15. That yote was 3 doors away from my house. My daughter has 2 little ****zus. All I'll say is, that yote is lucky I didn't see it in my back yard..... or PHFFFFT.
  16. Join Iceshanty.com. Plenty of info for Oneida. You'll need 3 posts before you can access the conditions board but there is a thread in the general board with lots of posts.
  17. Could be due to Global warming that they are shedding this early................Just saying...........
  18. Why care about the drop point and what it will score. Shoot it and hang it on your wall. Beautiful buck for sure.
  19. Congrats. Late season hunts can be productive when the hunting pressure has lessened,
  20. Happy that you found him. Congrats!!!!!
  21. Good luck finding him Legacy. Hope to see some pictures in the morning,
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