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  1. tlavan

    for sale : usa Trolling flies

    I got my flies and they look awesome....will be trying them late week I hope! Thanks Chip!
  2. Gatlin at Lake Breeze Marina has both.....great guy!
  3. Deepest condolences...I am sure she was still smiling and laughing with you while you netted fish solo! Sure it was a mixed feelings kind of day.......
  4. tlavan

    Dow Scrubbing Bubbles on your hull??

    At Amazon here: Slimy Grimy
  5. tlavan

    Sportsman ? Not so much

    SERIOUSLY??? You are going to actually make an EXCUSE for him OR these so-called 'hunters'???? Here is what you do if you aren't sure what species the bird is.......DON'T SHOOT. That being said.......ALL ducks are 'protected'........the article isn't clear if they were ducks permitted to be shot (like mallards) or ones that were not (like cormorants). Guides who break the law should be subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.....ESPECIALLY when knowingly do it.
  6. tlavan

    Thompson Hardtop Rocket Launcher Attachment

    Mud.....got it. I need to take it off to reuse my shrink wrap cover anyhow so liked the idea of trax to slide it in and out of. Appreciate your time replying! Hope your season is a good one!
  7. tlavan

    Thompson Hardtop Rocket Launcher Attachment

    Thanks for all the replies!
  8. Hi All: I have a pair of rocket launchers to mount on my Thompson hardtop. They have a 1/4" aluminum base and 7 rod holders welded to the bases. At any rate, how did you guys with a Thompson attach them to your hardtop? The top is like 6 inches thick. Did you drill the entire way through the top using nuts and bolts? Is there wood inside the top which would allow wood screws to be used? They came with 1" nuts and bolts which must have come off of a very thin top. THANKS for your help! Tim
  9. PM sent for rigger weights.....
  10. Interested....pm sent......