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  1. adesalvo

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 9/1

    After Dan’s last report on Canandaigua I couldn’t resist taking a morning off with my oldest to target some silvers. Met Dan at the launch at 530am and strategized quick to check if the east or west side was marking bait. Thanks for the westside tip as I never fish there with any luck. I didn’t mark much on the east side so we zipped over to the water treatment plant on the west side and we marked a ton of bait all the way south to menteth point. we target just silvers at first and lost 2 right at the boat immediately at 50ft on the riggers use glow spoons. We then had to more releases that blanked. Then we had a big strike on the 10 color with a copper Uv custom spoon from reel rage. Saw it jump 300 feet back and worked hard to get him in the boat. We also got a few lakers in the upper column on spoons on 10 colors. about 9am we slowed down to 1.7 and dropped the riggers tight to the bottom at 120 and picked up a triple (2 on the rigger and one on 10 color) on lakers. Until 10am we had a steady flow of lakers with one being over 10lbs. Thanks Dan for all the tips it made for a fun morning!
  2. Targeting RT, solo, fished east side, heading south starting at the old boat house. Not many marks or bait. Crossed over the the west side near Menteth point, much better screen. Temperature break around 55 feet. Caught two RT and one LT, lost a couple that I suspect where RT. Saturday went out with my son again looking for RT. Headed straight for the west side, started at water treatment plant trolling g south. Got 4 RT and two LT. Not much size to any of the RT either day. Although my son reeled in this nice 12 pound 33” LT which he was super excited about.
  3. My buddies and I had plans to hit up lake O out of iBay to try some night bite action but again the forecast was wrong and the lake never died down. Instead we decided to try our luck on the north end of Canadaigua. I typically have no luck at night on the finger lakes so expectations were low but the beer was cold. Got lines in at 645pm right at the 100fow mark in the middle of the lake and followed that ridge all the way to the east side boating 2 lakers on watermelon spin n glos. Once the sun set behind the hills the green glo spin n glo got hot bringing in 3 more including this 12.56lb beauty that took almost 12min to get in the boat. (I will post the video on my YouTube at some point)
  4. Dan P

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 5/23

    Trolled south end, 6:00-11:00. 1 for 3 on bows. Landed 23”, lost big one by the boat, put on quite the show, leapt a couple feet up about 15 feet behind the boat, then broke the line after wrapping around a rigger cable, should have pulled it up. 2 of them came on 100 copper, 1 on 200 copper. Pink and watermelon spoons were the color, they wouldn’t touch all silver today. Picked up 1 LT on our deepest rigger set at 55ft. Great morning to be out there before the rain came in.
  5. Dan P

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 5/7

    Skipped work, solo trip, toured whole lake from north to south. Surface water temps: 43.6 north end 44.2 deep run 45.6 menteth point 46.4 bristol harbor 49.1 south end Took a quick look at each stop. Charted practically no fish in colder temps. At south end in warmer water charted lots up high in the water. Dropped lines there, kept them high, above lakers. Two small bows was all I could pick up. One on 100 copper, other one on rigger 20 feet down. Both on silver spoons. Beautiful morning to be on a quiet lake!
  6. Dan P

    Canandaigua Abandoned boat

    Found early this morning in front of Bristol harbor in middle. Towing over to docks at Bristol harbor. Cops on there way. Hope no one was in it.
  7. We launched out of Woodville at 5 am with plans of running north to whiskey point. A little late and calm water changed my mind at dock. Set up as soon as we hit 20fow with a top line, 3 color, 5 color, 100 steel, 200 copper, 300 copper, downrigger, and 2 braided steel twilley rods as soon as we hit 100fow. North troll up the east shore. 6lb. and 5lb. Lakers came on a spiny and Duke fly. ( Thanks Mike) 1lb.9oz rainbow came on cheater/slider yellow blue dot spoon on downrigger. 5lb. 8oz rainbow came on a real rage watermelon spoon (Thanks Scott) 3 color core. Figured I needed one more good laker to weigh. Pulled one twilley rod and put out a old fashioned rig rod dragging bottom with a 50 sutton as bottom spoon. Caught (4) 2-21/2 lb. lakers in 40 minutes. Changed 50 to an 88. Never caught another laker. Managed to finish 4th among the monster fish brought to the weigh in. Rookie mate Kasey in pics. Congratulations to John Wild on the win.
  8. Last Night I was on the fence with the rain and gusty wind forecast but I am glad I went! Right off the bat we caught a 8lb 7oz brown on the planers right off the drop off of the south end. We stayed there for another hour with no luck and switched to a deeper program and went up the east Side and marked a good amount of baitfish but no takers. We shuttled across the lake just south of Bristol harbor, headed south and put the cowbells with some homade spin n glos at 102 on the riggers and bumped the bottom and picked up a near 6lb 5oz Laker. About 15 min later another hit and as we got the fish to the boat I jerked the line with my hand to get it in the net and it jumped off. Yeah I am grounded.. aways great to catch fish on your own spin n glos. Blue, green and watermelon were the hottest.
  9. Save the Date! April 10, 2021, we'll be holding our annual Seager Marine Spring Perch Tournament. Entry fee will be the same at $40/team, up to 3 people per team, weigh 5 fish. I have attached the registration form and rules. We plan to set it up so you can register from our website (not set yet). Hope you all can make it. It's a great way to start the spring fishing season. Perch Registration April 10 2021.pdf Perch Rules Spring 2021.pdf
  10. Does anyone know if the docks at the south end of Canandaigua lake in Woodville are still in?
  11. I accidently left my Frogtog waders and wading boots at the North boat launch at Canandaigua on Friday morning. I came back 2 hours later when I realized that I had left them and they were already gone. If anyone picked them up please let me know. Thanks
  12. adesalvo

    Canandaigua Strange Trip

    This is my first fall fishing the finger lakes and today was my first trip at the northend because I wanted to avoid the FLTA tournament in woodville! We found water temps in the 40s about 90 feet down and started our laker program with cheaters on the upper lines for about an hour with no luck. We switched up things a bit and put on my glow green spindoctor with a silver mag and immediately we got a release and then another with 2 lakers. about 930 we swapped out to the flasher fly program at the same depths and we pulled up 2 nice rainbows. Maybe the temps changed but what were those bows doing down so deep? strange.
  13. We have decided that it's time to get out there and have some fun. The Seager Marine Fall Perch Tournament will be held on Canandaigua Lake this year on Saturday, October 10, 2020. Same price, same rules, same payouts and plaques, and same fun weigh-in! We'll just need to be careful and wear some masks at weigh-in and keep our social distance. I think you'll really be impressed by the new look of our pier location. Need to pre-register by 5:00PM on Friday, October 9th. Entry fee is $40 per team (1 - 3 persons), weigh-in 5 live perch for total weight. Fishing hours are 7:00am to 3:00pm, weigh-in at 3:30pm. We'll have reg forms and rules up on our website soon. Just wanted everyone to save the date.
  14. Launched today at 7:30ish and began trolling north as soon as I hit some deep water. Breaking in my new electric downrigger (Cannon Mag5), No bites so I push farther north near the condos. Caught an 11lb 3 oz rainbow. What a thrill. Prior to this my best Bow was 6.2. No other fish after that. Cant complain, great morning. Been trying to find some browns in that lake but no luck yet, any tips? are they deeper? Been fishing from 30 to 70 ft down. Thanks Max
  15. DWHJR

    Canandaigua 9/26 Canandaigua

    Fished from 8-3pm. Took my 70 year old parents and 9 year old daughter out. Caught 16 fish. 9 lake trout, 2 black bass, 5 rainbows of which 1 was 8#. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Target temps were 60-90 ft down. 45 degrees at 90ft. Fished 3 dipsys and 2 snap weights with planer boards. Ran one dipsy with chrome spin doctor with gambler rig. All the rest of rods were spoons - nbk, green dolphin. Orange crush, black and white, And some smaller spoons up top with crazy red and purple patterns. Water was low at north launch. Lots of cars in parking lot when we left as well. Got the new 2 month old boat nice n fishy and dirty. I think I need some lessons on fileting lake trout. My daughter wanted to keep some. Great day on water.
  16. Trolled north end Saturday night for a couple hours, nothing. Went out again Sunday morning from 7-10. Only fish was a small rainbow 25 feet down on a dipsey / silver Sutton 44.
  17. adesalvo

    Canandaigua Woodville 9/12

    We were originally going to fish bears tournament on Cayuga but logistically couldn’t make it work so we decided to hit Canandaigua and ran into another trout tournament at the launch. we ended up getting 3 in the boat with a bunch of misses. I need to pick up some new treble hooks. Silver was the color today! I got this pretty bow on a cheater probably about 45 down going south on the west side Around 10am. We ended up keeping it and throwing it in the smoker for dinner.
  18. adesalvo

    Canandaigua 7/18 woodville

    Launched at 530 got first laker at 630 and it was steady up until 9am and then it shutdown hard! This is the first trip I was skunked on silvers and my trusty silver bullet JPlug came up empty! It seems the thermocline is setting up at about 95 feet and we had most out action at 90 on yellow orange spoons with a Mountain Dew paddle flasher. We had zero hits on the glow green spin doctors and plain silver which usually is the hot setup at Canandaigua for me!
  19. We left rochester at 430 while it was still raining and it stopped as soon as we got to the south end launch in woodville bout 515. we struggled for the first few hours with weeds submerged about 30 to 40 foot down. Also the southend was a total washout and muddy. once we finally got about a mile north of the launch we had some better luck, water was clear and we had better luck! The wife struggled to get this beautiful bow in the boat took about 15 min! We are planning on hitting deans Friday morning with my old man!
  20. Dan P

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 6/16

    Start 6:30 at north end. Didn’t mark much on west side, went over to east side, more marks. Got two small bows, one 16” and one 17”. Both 30 feet down in about 100 fow, on silver Sutton 44. Surface temp 64. Done at 9:30.
  21. sawbelliesam

    Canandaigua Fleas

    I read a post on a non finger lakes thread, and it implied that the fleas were already present on Canadaigua. Does anyone have a report on this.
  22. adesalvo

    Canandaigua Southend 6/13

    On the water at 530 to 1030 boated 2 and had about 6 releases. I was using some NK silver Magnums I got off eBay that I should of sharpened ahead of time, shame on me. I was about 70 feet down stacked at 15 feet with magnums on spin doctors on the bottom and silver jplugs on top. I swear this lake only likes silver and no UV! hoping to be out next Friday when the moon is in a waning crescent.
  23. TBRMAX

    Canandaigua Newbie question

    hi Recently moved to area from out of state and have been trolling Canadaguia north end last couple of weekends. We caught 5 Lakers last Sunday ranging from 18 to 25". Fishing regs state 21" size minimum but finger lakes have a 15" minimum size? Just want to make sure I understand regs. Thanks Cheers!
  24. Hi All, I just bought my first boat (Lund Rebel XL 1650 Tiller). I am looking to head to Canandaigua tomorrow morn to get the kids out panfishing. Does anyone know where I can pick up some certified Minnows. I am hoping to launch at the North end. Thanks,
  25. Launched at the north end 9AM. Battery dead. Go to auto parts store. Purchase and install new battery. Bam - $132. Fished north and south from the Christian Camp to Steamboat Landing and back unitl about 1230. Boated 20. Lost another 15. Method: Tackle: Ocean Roller Tip Rod, Penn 49L. Copper wire. I think it is .22 gauge. I like the braided wire but you can use solid. Lures: Pflueger 4. One with fixed hook. One with dangling hook. 4 1/2 and 5's work fine too. You can use Pflueger knock-off's and other brands as well. I used all silver but blue and white combo works very well too. Some people use mag lip type lures or something called a twin minnow. The intent is to get a lure that will look like a sawbelly aka alewive. No backing. No leader. Wire straight from the reel to the lure. Depth: 35 - 40' Presentation: Trolling, Jerking and Fluttering Motion bottom bouncing. Hold the line in your hand when you manipulate the lure. Speed: 1-1.3MPH. Slower seemed to be better. If you don't have electronics just go between the points north and south. Should be the same this weekend. We saw them on the graph before we got them. Make sure hooks are sharp and you have to be on the bottom. To get there I put out almost 75-90% of a full reel on the 49L. If you don't catch or hook something in 5 minutes, reel up and check your hook for a weed or zebra mussel. I've been doing this same method for 45 years and it always works. Your arm should be tired at the end of the day. Also spotted a ton of (smaller) fish in the 15-20' range but didn't try too hard to get them. There is a huge depth change in front of the camp so watch for that. Good spot on the incline. Good luck.
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