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  1. Jollyroger,


    Not sure if you bought the Smart Troll kit from Redemption but we have made many changes and improvements since that particular kit was released.


    If you have any problem at all and you want to trade it for the newer version of Smart Troll I will make sure you get a good deal so you don't get hurt by giving it a try. Just PM me if you want to talk about it.

  2. The mount for your motor sets back quite a bit...but if you put the transducer near the scupper like you described then it should be ok. The probes are deep so the signals are coming to the boat in an upward direction so the signals should go under everything to get to the transducer.
  3. Tyee II That area to the right of the swim platform is a good spot. Actually, if there is a similar spot on the port side...where there is no swim platform then even better. The transducer just has to be a few inches under the waterline...just deep enough so that it stays underwater most of the time in waves. The futher to the outside edge of the boat...the better.
  4. Tyee II, Very few Smart Troll owners have reported having difficulty getting a signal from probes on both sides of the boat. You can put the Transducer above the trim tabs...it just has to be below the waterline enough so that it stays underwater most of the time in waves. The signal is coming from the Probes at an upward angle...when the signals hit the surface they do reflect back down so you may get a signal with the trim tabs down...but it is also possible that for best performance you may have to put the trim tab that is below the transducer down when trolling. If you want to email a picture of your transom I will gladly make a suggestion. Just use [email protected] my website domain...didn't want to spell it out because that is what bots look for to send spam.
  5. It is best to mount Smart Troll Transducer near the outside edge of the boat as much as possible and that is especially true with outboards (or an out-drive). 1) There is much less vibration at the outside edge of the boat than there is nearer the center of the transom. The Smart Troll system is very sensitive so that it can pick up the signals from the probes hundreds of feet away. Too much hull vibration can cause the transducer to ring and cause interferance. If there is a kicker then the transducer should definitely be mounted on the opposite side as the kicker. 2) The closer the transducer is to the outboard the farther back a probe on the opposite side of the boat will have to be to get a straight line of site to the Smart Troll Transducer. Imagine if the transducer was right up against the outboard then there is no good line of sight to the opposite side of the boat. The farther the transducer is from the motor the better the angle to get line of sight past the outboard. Please let me know if you have more questions and I am happy to answer...
  6. Gill-T That seems pretty likely correct for bait fish...they would be moving slower if swimming against the current. They sometimes probably swim slower than the current so they would be carried "down-stream" even though to the bait it might seem like they were swimming up stream. I would think their instinct would be to turn and dart downstream the moment they sense danger. In any case, bait fish would be going slower swimming upstream but your lure wouldn't be going slower upstream relative to the fish. It is going boat speed relative to the fish weather you are dragging it up stream or down stream. If something was going 2 MPH away from me I would rather run down hill with the wind at my back to catch it. Having said that...if you get close enough to the big guy he will chase it either way I think.
  7. Like skipper19 said...I also think that dragging your lure in the same direction the current is flowing is best (if possible). For one thing, if the fish are below the current (resting and waiting) then any food in the current will likely be coming from that direction. In addition to that, fish cannot think like us but they do have instincts. If I have to run up hill against the wind (against the current to the fish) to get something I want (food) then it better be pretty close to me to begin with or it will just take too much energy and effort to chase the food and there is higher risk that I won't catch it. If I can run downhill with the wind at my back (with the current to the fish) then maybe it can be a little further away and I still might go for it.
  8. pap, For $599 you get one Smart Troll Probe that has Depth/Temp/Speed. The Depth/Temp/Speed Probes are small enough so you can attach it directly to your line or you can use an Offshore OR16 clip (or equivalent) and tether it to a Downrigger cable a foot or so above the ball. Unfortunately, it will not work with iPad or iPhone but you can buy an android tablet with a 7" screen at this link for $49 https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Fire-7-Inch-Tablet-8GB/dp/B00TSUGXKE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475578066&sr=8-1&keywords=kindle+HD+49 You can add up to 5 more Depth/Temp Probes for $250 each. You can get them at the time of the original purchase or you can get additional Probes next spring...or anytime in the future. The Depth/Temp Probes are literally the size of your index finger and they too can be attached directly to any of your lines or tethered to your Downrigger cable a foot or so above the ball. You can change the font size of the data in the settings menu of the Smart Troll app...so the larger the screen the larger you can make the font so you can see it from the back of the boat. You can also "hide" Probes that you do not have...so if you have only Smart Troll Probe you can go to the Smart Troll app's Settings Menu" and remove the Probes you do NOT have from the screen...that way the data for the one probe you do have can be set large enough to fill most of the screen. Please let me know if you have more questions...I am happy to answer them. Darrell
  9. Silver Fox, The Website is connected to PayPal. When you checkout from a purchase on the Website the transaction is handled by PayPal which will give you the option to use your PayPal account or PayPal will handle the transaction for any major Credit Card.
  10. pap, Thank you for your question. The Depth/Temp Probes are $250 each...and all Smart Troll kits are capable of running up to 6 different Probes on 6 different lines at the same time. You can also attach them to a Down Rigger cable if you prefer. Since you can use multiple Probes you can attach them to multiple down-riggers or a combination of some Probes on DR cables and some attached directly to your lines. The Smart Troll Depth/Temp/Speed Basic kit is currently on sale for the $599 price (its normal price is $799). Plus I am extending the Warranty Start Date to July, 2017 so with this deal you get a great price plus a long Warranty period. I need some cash flow to get plenty of stock ready for next season so if you buy early you get the savings. You can add Probes anytime and they cost $250 each; use the link below or click Depth/Temp Probes in the top left corner of the www.smarttroll.com Home Page . http://smarttroll.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=7&zenid=9ee3b1f2d1a3b7abd1a5e1719ca9bf0b You can add Probes to the cart at the same time you purchase the Smart Troll Depth/Temp/Speed basic kit that is on SPECIAL or you can add more Smart Troll Probes anytime in the future. The kits are already capable of working with up to six different Probes so the only thing you need for that is to get more Probes. So for example, The normal price for the Smart Troll Depth/Temp/Speed Basic Plus kit (1 Depth/Temp/Speed Probe plus 1 Depth/Temp probe) is $1035. If you buy The Smart Troll Depth/Temp/Speed Basic Kit for $599 and add one Depth/Temp Probe for $250 then your final cost is $599+$250 = $849. You can add as many Depth/Temp Probes, to the kit that is on SPECIAL, as you want (up to 6 total) and you still get a great deal. Just add as many items as you want to the Cart before you check out and in effect that makes every Depth/Temp/Speed kit on SPECIAL. If you have more questions just let me know...I am happy to answer them. Darrell
  11. I need some cash flow to get ramp'd up for next season so I am having a Great End of Season Sale on Smart Troll Basic Depth/Temp/Speed systems through October 31, 2016 (while supplies last). Details on the website... http://smarttroll.com/
  12. Silver Fox, I am not sure that it is appropriate to post pricing here so I sent you a PM.
  13. I was on the boat with Rick Hajacki (Yankee Troller) last Saturday and we put the Moor Subtroll Probe and the Smart Troll Depth/Temp/Speed Probe a few inches apart attached to the Down-rigger cable. Then we put them about a foot underwater and compared the readings to Rick's Humminbird surface speed. The Subtroll was 0.8 to 1.0 MPH slower than the Humminbird. Here is a link to Rick's facebook post. https://www.facebook.com/SmartTroll/notifications/?section=activity_feed&subsection=mention&ref=notif&target_story=S%3A_I76184471193%3A10153689442231194
  14. Great Job! Rick...you guys are awesome...really looking forward to fishing on your boat in a few weeks.
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