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Found 24 results

  1. Went to the inlet and saw a lots of pike and rud and the very first walleyes starting to swim up but I couldn’t get clear pictures lots of 30”+ gives me hope for a 40” later this year
  2. ifishy

    Conesus launch ramp

    just wondering does any know if the docks are still in at the lauch? like to do a couple fall pike trips before i put the boat away for the winter.
  3. I've been down to the inlet several times to watch the spawning runs, and I'm always drawn to the swampy area above the spillway. Has anyone ever fished it, obviously in a canoe or kayak, and is it even worth it?
  4. guff

    Conesus Spawning

    Like to take grand kids and Grampa to south end of Conesus to see pike and walleye make their spawning run. Would now be a good time or is it too late? What is best time?
  5. I took my kid out today to fish for smallies. We were on them good but the problem was they were all small. Found one good one finally that was around 5 pounds. We got a bonus walleye also. Fyi they pulled the docks today
  6. I had a unexpected day off today due to material delays so I hit the lake early looking for for schools of smallmouth. The screen didn't look all that great at my usual spots but good enough to stay there. Ended up getting a few quality ones and a bunch of smalls. I have caught more tiny smallmouth this year on conesus than I can ever remember. Anyone else notice this? Anyway the future looks bright for the smallmouth in conesus. Got a bonus jumbo northern too.
  7. Tomorrow we are headed to visit family at the South end of Conesus lake. I've never been on that lake before. Since I like to fish, the crew is expecting me to show them how to catch something. Brother-in-law has a pontoon boat but no gear to speak of. Any thoughts on some options would be appreciated.
  8. I finished a job this morning and grabbed the Lund and hit the lake for some smallmouth fishing. Boat control was tough today in the wind so we hid behind some points.we caught some small ones and then got bit off by a northern.drifted up to a spot that is usually good in the fall and got my biggest conesus smallmouth of the year. love fall smallmouth fishing
  9. Hi all, does anybody know the mystical legend of the smallies this time of year on Conesus. I am heading out for one of my last fishing trips of the year and would love some pointers of where on that lake the smallies reside. I have been fishing Conesus for years and have had success with everything from LM to tigers. The smallies still avoid us like the plague. Thanks to everyone in advance.
  10. I just set up a camper at the Conesus Lake Campground and had some questions about Conesus Lake. I've fished it a couple of times for bass, but since it's about to become my "home lake", I'd like to know more, particularly about the walleye and panfish. If I had to guess, I'd think that Conesus probably doesn't offer the same quality of cool water fishing for big yellow perch that many of the other lakes do, am I right? What about crappie, is it just a matter of them being in there, or is it really a predictable fishery for numbers of decent crappie? I've seen lots of other inquiries about the walleye and figure it's mostly a spring night bite or a trolling bite, so I won't even ask about that. Until now I've done some fishing on Canandaigua and Seneca, but would probably consider Keuka and Skaneateles to be my favorites. I have to admit that I'm excited to start fishing Conesus, Honeoye and maybe even Hemlock more.
  11. john68444

    Conesus help

    any body know conesusguy , I am trying to get hold of him
  12. got probably one more trip next weekend before the boat goes up does anyone know if they docks are still in at conesus? its been a couple years since i've been able to make there always used to be a fun late season trip
  13. Had a chance to fish tiger musky tournament this weekend on Conesus. No tigers but did get a chance to watch this jumbo take down my 9” musky jerkbait.. haha. Casting over 10-15 feet of water I didn’t have a scale to weigh her... just a quick picture and measurement and back she went. She was 22” long... your guess is better than mine for weight
  14. I'm hearing that the pike are starting to run/spawn in the Conesus outlet, and I plan to take my boys down to see it this weekend. I've always had it in head that you can't fish the outlet during this time, is that correct? I know they're not in season, and since they're *right there*, that would be considered targeting them, right?
  15. Has anyone ever fished Walleye from shore over on Conesus Lake. I want to catch Walleye and that is not very far away from where I live. I know the walleye come in pretty thick before the first Saturday in may when the season opens. Will there be any fish left by the then. Or will they all have moved out to deep to catch from the shore. Is night the best time to try for them? What is the best bait?
  16. I am hoping to get out there on my boat ASAP. Is it ice-free? thanks, andre
  17. Cayuga wind for 10/14 Does anyone have decent wind forecast for tomorrow? I'm trying to get out before noon. Or should I go to owasco?
  18. Tiger Muskie Caught this yesterday on Conesus. 25' down, Sutton 44, 2.2mph. 8.8 lbs, 37 inches. Pretty beat up tail, but it fought fine. Still can't seem to find a walleye in this lake.
  19. honeoye conesus launches How are the pubic launches? Can you get your boat in without swamping your vehicle? Seabreeze is closed as of today and you can't go more than 5 miles /hr anyways
  20. honeoye conesus launches How are the pubic launches? Can you get your boat in without swamping your vehicle? Seabreeze is closed as of today and you can't go more than 5 miles /hr anyways
  21. I have fished rivers and streams my whole life. This is my first year as a angler with a boat. As you know there is much to learn on these larger bodies of water. I will be on Conesus tomorrow and will fish the northern half. Would like to know where the walleye hot spots are and tactics, lures or bait used during the cool daytime weather. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  22. Opening may 3rd ted's tackle 3046 Rochester rd. lakeville (585-429-0587) give him a looksee just starting out. Need for good bait shop in area long over do. Good luck Ted.
  23. going out to conesus today and tommrow any reports on the muskie/walleye/pike bite
  24. I'm coming up the week of July 8th and will be fishing Conesus Lake a couple times. My brother & I took a charter with Fishing Guide Andy Donato and really had a lot of fun last July 2011. we caught bass, muskie. Unfortunately we can't afford the charter this year. We do have a boat. Can any one share an artificial set up or live bait set up to help us get started? Thanks in advance Trapper K.
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