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  1. Check facebook 61st Naples Trout Derby they should have some pictures up for general information. I am coming into town for the Derby from Chicago. My brother lives in your neck of the woods. We both come from Naples. Hope you here a little more today Trouthunter! Keep your rod tip up and your line tight brother.
  2. Thanks you Fish Junkie & Get Away, I appreciate all the insight. it really helps my brother and I. Look forward to fishing along side any of you that can make it this year. TrapperK
  3. Thanks vogel1451 & Fish Junkie, Are these salmon & trout eggs available in the local sporing goods like Suttons in town? Are they the ones in the small jars in a liquid? I'm coming into Rochester on the 28th and plan on coming into Nales to sign up for the derby over that weekend @ Suttons. I'll definately go lighter on the line. Were you also suggesting a flouro leader lighter than 8#? Sorry to ask so many questions. I beleive I was going to use a #6 or #8 bait hook also. Do I need to make those egg sacks with the trout eggs or just thresd them on the hook? I vaguley remeber that they had a very light outer skin on the trout eggs. I willl definately have some of the live bait ready to go also. My brother and I grew up in Naples area. I can't tell you how excited we are. Thanks again for the update on the fishing regulations also. We'll see you out on the water! TrapperK
  4. Rainbow fisherman I can use your help. It has been since the late 70's since I wade fished Naples Creek. To say I'm rusty is an understatement. I've got some med spinning rod combos with 4 and 10 # mono spooled up but I can't recall what baits other than some sponge or rubber imitation eggs to use. Don't get me wrong I've caught fish on this and other area creeks growing up in the area, but I'm getting foggy on the paticulars. For anybody wondering, yes I got some waders. Did ya laugh just a little? I am coming up from Tampa, Fl where I reside now. You helped me out alot when my brother and I went fishing on Conesus Lake and fishing near Seabreeze just off some park. We sure had a great bunch of days of fishing with your help. If you guys can give my brother and I some pointers on baits, line and terminal tackle for fishing the Naples trout derby in a couple weeks I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks again, Trapper K
  5. Again I can't thank you fisherman enough. My brother and I fished two good days during this week earlier this month on Conesus. As you can see my brother Doug caught a wonderful Northern on a chartruese buzz bait w/ silver blade. The northern is 39-40" long and weighed in at about 10#'s. launched about 3-4 times completely out of the water. I'm the one holding a couple bass. We caught easily over 20+ bass together over the two days. We caught them on the pumpkinseed senkos either wacky or drop shot rigged and a midget fat boy shallow runner in bass colors. I think I'm going to expand my color selection on the fat boys and buzz baits. We had a memorable time. We also found a couple nice spots to go back to next year. I really appreciate everybodys help and input. Keep your line tight and your rod tip up! TrapperK
  6. Hi jjweimar, I've got a couple posts under TrapperK that you will find helpful. I asked the same question about Conesus. TrapperK
  7. Hi jcar585 & 33canuck, thanks so much for the advice. You gave us plenty to work with. It gives my brother & I a chance to enjoy fishing together. If you ever need a heads up to Tampa Bay Fishery in Florida. You let TrapperK know. Keep your rod tip up and your line tight!!!
  8. I'm coming up the week of July 8th and will be fishing Conesus Lake a couple times. My brother & I took a charter with Fishing Guide Andy Donato and really had a lot of fun last July 2011. we caught bass, muskie. Unfortunately we can't afford the charter this year. We do have a boat. Can any one share an artificial set up or live bait set up to help us get started? Thanks in advance Trapper K.
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