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  1. john68444

    Sold / Closed 67 spoons for$ 35

    I want these also if you are local syracuse/oswego?
  2. john68444

    Mag spoons 31 for $31

    if I can pick up local I will take them
  3. john68444

    Mag spoons 31 for $31

    where are you located?
  4. john68444

    Sodus Pro am

    Thank You !
  5. john68444

    Sodus Pro am

    Looking for dates , rules and price?
  6. I'll take alpinas. I will be at salmon country around 5 fri
  7. john68444

    Wanted scotty rigger

    Thank you !
  8. john68444

    Wanted scotty rigger

    pm me your address , I may come late Thursday afternoon if that is ok
  9. john68444

    Wanted scotty rigger

    I will be in Pulaski and Mexico next weekend at least for Saturday
  10. john68444

    Wanted scotty rigger

    I would like to see and buy when and where?
  11. john68444

    Sold / Closed Sold

    Cris do you still have scotty for sale?
  12. I would like lot 10 can get money to kevin k.
  13. 3500 negotiable ? my bad