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  1. john68444

    Conesus help

    thanks he has not been on in a long time
  2. john68444

    Conesus help

    his name is dan culver
  3. looking for contact info for dan culver of rochester ny area

  4. john68444

    Conesus help

    any body know conesusguy , I am trying to get hold of him
  5. I want these also if you are local syracuse/oswego?
  6. I'll take alpinas. I will be at salmon country around 5 fri
  7. pm me your address , I may come late Thursday afternoon if that is ok
  8. I will be in Pulaski and Mexico next weekend at least for Saturday
  9. I would like to see and buy when and where?
  10. Cris do you still have scotty for sale?
  11. Dan whats the price for boat and trailer?
  12. I have many parts for the Thompson,2 complete boats one for parts and one going back together contact john Emmons @ [email protected]
  13. Do we need a observer in the am division it's not on the forum . Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Thanks Rich, I have a hard time trying to schedule vacation for fishing
  15. is there a way to determine dates for triple crown and so on?
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