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  1. Saltwater is hard on motors. I would never do it again. Cost me $8500. for a new IO. The original only had 600hrs, on it. Lesson learned.
  2. The State launch in in the state part. Not the end of west bay road.
  3. Sorry I made a mistake. The indicator on the side of the yellow dial is were you set the auto stop.
  4. Mine are like 20 yrs. old and not a problem yet. They say 12lb is the max so that's what I been running.
  5. The yellow dial is your depth gauge. Set your ball at the water surface and then set the dial at 0 and the auto stop should stop at the surface. Not sure about the ones you have but mine has a little indicator on the dial and you can set at a depth for if you're running stackers and it will stop the rigger at that depth. It will also make the switch manual and won't lock on.
  6. srd

    Sold / Closed 2004 Seaswirl 2301 W/A

    Great boat. I run the same boat but a 2000. Love it and it handles Lake Ontario like a dream. Good luck with the sale.
  7. What I found my problem to be is I didn't have a battery switch on my boat and wired it to my fuse block. In that case even when my GPS unit was turned off my puck was still getting power 24 7. Now have everything on it's own switch and installed a battery switch as well. All been good for 7 yrs now (knock on wood).
  8. Had the same issue a few years back. Lowrance did have a replacement part. Replaced mine with the LGC-4000 and works great.
  9. Usually the last weekend of July.
  10. No problem here and my comp. is almost as old as me.
  11. You want it nice and tight. What I did was use a long screwdriver. I put it through a tennis ball then put on the spool and then another tennis ball then clamped it in a vise.
  12. Not sure about a 8hp but my 25 had a clip top side under the motor where it comes through the case.
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