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  1. 2nd the soft scrub
  2. Sodus Inn and Turtle cove. State Park closed.
  3. I got one you can have but won't be up to Fair Haven till the end of July.
  4. Mine is rated for a 10hp.
  5. try squeezing a little in a pair of channel lock pliers to make it just a little out of round. Don't over do it just a little.
  6. Hear that. Going new all the way with mine. Never again for me that's for sure.
  7. Going through that now. Bought a salt water boat with only 600hrs. State of the art flushing system. Now replacing the motor in whole from internal rust. I'd never do it again. Just my opinion.
  8. Keep dancing naked Patriot it scares the fish up to our end of the lake
  9. Flip flops or bare foot here
  10. For sale 600w Xtreme bilge heater. Factory calibrated to turn on when temperature falls below 40 and turn off when ambient temperature of 52 has been attained. Purchased new 11/22/08 for $ 430 and never used. Will sell for $250 obo plus shipping. Original box, receipt and paper work included.
  11. Are any of your chips The Navionics gold XL9 part number SD/16XG-2?
  12. Hey watch that Ford crap Gregg lol
  13. If you go Gregg go on the Thur. or Fri. Weekends are packed and you can't move
  14. Well now if that was a beer wagon on swinging bridge you might do all right
  15. Does the 15 have a year on it and if it's 1GB? The 16 they told me was the number of the last ones they made. Thank you much for looking