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  1. srd

    Spooling 7 strand stainless wire

    You want it nice and tight. What I did was use a long screwdriver. I put it through a tennis ball then put on the spool and then another tennis ball then clamped it in a vise.
  2. srd

    Mariner 8hp shift rod

    Not sure about a 8hp but my 25 had a clip top side under the motor where it comes through the case.
  3. srd

    Wireless smart man overboard system

    Second on the autotether
  4. srd

    Daiwa Sealine Great Lakes 47LC

    I run two of the same reels with a 1000' and fills the reel with no backing.
  5. srd


    Sea Nymph was bought by Lowe. Maybe try them and see if they can help you.
  6. Sorry I can't. It's on my boat and that's 4hrs. away. Works great and floats if you drop it lol. I'll try and draw apic. if you like.
  7. I attached the protractor to the square pc. of wood and used a cotter pin as the pendulum. Align the left or right edge of wood with the cable and pendulum will tell you the angle
  8. You have the chart above. Easy to make one. Square pc. of wood with a protractor attached. Put a pendulum at the top. Align the edge of the wood with the cable and the pendulum will give you the angle.
  9. Have mine for 20yrs. now and no problems yet.
  10. srd


    Howie Green Krink. was my best.
  11. srd

    Textured Fiberglass floor cleaner

    2nd the soft scrub
  12. srd

    boat launch

    Sodus Inn and Turtle cove. State Park closed.
  13. I got one you can have but won't be up to Fair Haven till the end of July.