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  1. Sorry I can't. It's on my boat and that's 4hrs. away. Works great and floats if you drop it lol. I'll try and draw apic. if you like.
  2. I attached the protractor to the square pc. of wood and used a cotter pin as the pendulum. Align the left or right edge of wood with the cable and pendulum will tell you the angle
  3. You have the chart above. Easy to make one. Square pc. of wood with a protractor attached. Put a pendulum at the top. Align the edge of the wood with the cable and the pendulum will give you the angle.
  4. Have mine for 20yrs. now and no problems yet.

    Howie Green Krink. was my best.
  6. Textured Fiberglass floor cleaner

    2nd the soft scrub
  7. boat launch

    Sodus Inn and Turtle cove. State Park closed.
  8. I got one you can have but won't be up to Fair Haven till the end of July.
  9. 12 sea King

    Mine is rated for a 10hp.
  10. Help... a bearing buddy keeps falling off

    try squeezing a little in a pair of channel lock pliers to make it just a little out of round. Don't over do it just a little.
  11. Salt water boats

    Hear that. Going new all the way with mine. Never again for me that's for sure.
  12. Salt water boats

    Going through that now. Bought a salt water boat with only 600hrs. State of the art flushing system. Now replacing the motor in whole from internal rust. I'd never do it again. Just my opinion.
  13. What do you do for good luck?

    Keep dancing naked Patriot it scares the fish up to our end of the lake
  14. Fishing shoes

    Flip flops or bare foot here