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  1. I follow reel excitement posts on facebook, and I allways enjoy listening to him!! I am leaving on august  the 3rd for ollcott to fish for 4 days!! I fish most of my time out of erie pa for walleye, still enjoy it but I love making a few trips to lake o for salmon, love the strikes !!!!!!!!!!! I hear him talk about  dipseys 180 and 220 back, but I never hear him say what settings he is using?  I only run 2 dipseys when I go there and I try to keep things simple! is he running a 2 setting  on his dipseys, just curious, !!!

  2. is it possible to run more than one copper lines off  the boards?  heading up to lake Ontario in a couple of weeks,  thought id run two coppers on each side ? or am I asking for trouble?

    im not gonna run but one on each side , my crew has never salmon fished and I not gonna take a chance!, were heading to ollcott august the 3rd for a long weekend, cant wait to get up there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for your help paul

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