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  1. Just got word the Big Jon wants all repairs of their down riggers done in house at their factory. Oh well.
  2. Tryed them once with another type of rigger, no thanks, will not try them again. Love the shop, great place for tackle, but the repair process is not great.
  3. Does Anyone know if there is anyone in New York State that repairs big Jon electric downriggers?
  4. South end starting to catch on fire. LOTS of small salmon, last two days boated 24 lost 6-8. Got good brown, 24 in , 8 pounds. Caught two other Browns but small, 15-16 in. Released. Most fish came on silver sutton type spoon flat line but got some on small yellow rapalas and any Jr. Thunder sticks. Using in line planner boards with the sticks. Great weekend for a boat ride, get out there.
  5. Fished out of Lansing this morning. From 8:30 to 1:30, ran downriggers with spoons down 40 and 50 feet with planner boards out with stick baits. This is a no brainier in the south end most years, but this year seems to be the exception. No hits at all, great morning for first Trip of the year. Oh well, always next time. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Thanks, will be out again soon.
  7. Any word on how the fleas are on Cayuga?
  8. Fished Fair Haven on Thursday. Went 8 for 11, all browns. When we found stained water we would fine fish. No schools of fish but one here one there made for a nice day. All fish came on sticks baits on planner boards. fished 8-10 FOW most of the time. We started east in the early morning then the area cleared and went west about 3/4 of the way to Port Bay. We found a lot of good looking colored water and boated 5 fish from 11:30 to 1:30. Lost 3 in the same area.
  9. I had the same kind of wind out the the south east and it really was no problem, just a nice chop most of the morning. Good luck
  10. Browns , Browns everywhere. Fished where hitting from 7:00-9:30 am. Got 7 browns largest 6 lbs , all others 17-18 inch about 2-3 lbs. Most fish where in 15-18 FOW on the east side of the lake. All fish came on planner boards with Rapala stick baits, size and color didn't really matter, I had yellow and blue but black and silver also works. When the chop calmed down so did the fish. Trolled near the Girl Scout camp with riggers in 80-100 FOW and got one small lake trout. Water temp at the south end was in the 43-45 range and on the west shore futher up the lake temp was 40-42. In clean water the lake is VERY clear, you can see down nealy 30 feet.
  11. Went out of Myers at 8:00, first fish was a laker ( about 6 pounds) 60 down over 70 FOW. gott on NK black spoon. Also got 2 small LL on stick baits on planner boards. Fished about 3 hours, everything worked great, good day. Rob
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