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  1. Also... Thank you to everyone here over the years. While I've never meet any of you in person, you've made us feel like part of the Lake O family, and given a lot of great advice and lots of great stories to get the blood pumping before our trips each year. Special thanks when our boat troubles limited us to one afternoon in 2019. It was amazing how many people here reached out to us to offer assistance getting on the water. Good luck, much love, and tight lines to all!


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  2. Well, for the first time in 16 years, we didn't even lose a fish, nevermind catch one. Fish or not, I got to spend the week with my Dad, which doesn't happen often with him in Plattsburgh, and us down in North Carolina. 83 this past July, it was a tough week on him physically, and likely his last trip here. It kills me we couldn't get him one more, but Lake O has given us a lot of great adventures, mishaps, crazy fish stories and yes... and some amazing days catching fish. He can drive me crazy at times, but I love him, and thank him for taking me fishing when I was probably too young to even be on a boat and instilling in me a lifetime love of fishing!

    Thanks Dad... A few photos from over the years... _MG_7735.jpg20210907_173143.jpg2014%20Sept%209%20(38%20of%2038).jpgIMG_5282.jpg20180905_101607.jpg20180905_154651.jpg20180905_135335.jpg2014%20Sept%209%20(5%20of%2038).jpg20170902_185747.jpg

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  3. Well, ended up zip. Beautiful afternoon/night, but zero hookups. I can say there were two spots we marked a ton of fish. 120 FOW - glued to the bottom, but there. As we headed into the front gate, from 95 FOW to 84 FOW, you could have walked on fish, feeding on bait pods, from 40-85 FOW. I mean absolutely stacked. Crazy good. It was just too late for us to work the area.


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  4. Ok... Well, after 3 tries to launch but finding water coming over the breakwater, and a smoking left front brake pad on the truck that took a couple hours to fix... a d a motor that quit at the dock after firing.... to find a loose battery cable... and our overhead rod rack tearing partially out.... AND my 83 year old father falling down in the boat trying to fix said rack... We are finlaay set up 6 wide (4 riggers, 2 dipseys) in 106 FOW...

    Nothing yet....


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  5. Well, considering how terrible our luck (boat issues and fishing) - 1 king two years ago, 1 brownie last year, I figure it CAN'T be much worse - unless we go zero for 7 days. Maybe we'll bring our bad luck to town and flip the script, and all will fill their boats with Kings! That's one of points of fishing, right... dream the impossible dream...


    I'll try to post our days, good or bad. Maybe together we can find the secret spot in 27 trillion gallons of water!



  6. Hey everyone, 


    Getting ready to head north for our annual pilgrimage to the Kings! Being based out of Henderson Harbor and mostly exclusively going out of Port Ontario and Mexico the last decade, that's where we've always gotten our fish cleaned, block ice and any tackle (because, well, you've never got enough, right?). My Dad finally sold his camper, and the place we're staying for the week is near Oswego. So, since we plan on going out of Wright's all week, three quick questions:


    Is anyone cleaning fish at Wright's Landing, and if not, are the usual spots open in Port Ontario? 


    Any places that sell block ice as well as cubed in Oswego? Maybe every place does, but figured I ask! 


    Best tackle shop(s)? We've always gone to Woody's or Fat Nancy's, which aren't far, but more time on land is less on the water! 


    Any info is much appreciated! 



  7. Hey All,


    We've been running dipseys with FF/SDs for years, but only tried spoons off a dipsey with a 5-6 foot leader a couple times, with no luck. Do you run spoons on dipseys by themselves, or does anyone run them off a SD/PT as well? Seems like that might be a hot mess, but could add a little hop to the spoons. Hitting the water Friday - can't wait!



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  8. 17 hours ago, EWSIII said:

    This morning hooked a rod and reel in 100 FOW in front of the plant. It's an ugly stick what type of reel did you have on it? It's got a bunch of zebra mussels on it. 

    rod and reel.jpg

    Thanks,it would be awesome if it was his, but he lost his rig in 600+ feet of water. He has several Ugly Sticks, but none he uses for Salmon. Hopefully you can clean it up and add to your collection! 



  9. Well, this year's annual trip will be momeorable for all the wrong reasons.


    Flew in yesterday, got out yesterday afternoon, after a slow start (no going from 100-155) got my nephew his first King. Missed another, both FF, white and white (both in 85 FOW). Fish were just stacked in 65-85 FOW. So, woke up this morning optimistic for a big day...


    Well, last night was the beginning and end of our trip. Got about 50 yards outside the Salmon River, everything rigged and ready to go, opened up the throttle and... Boom, engine done. Maybe not blown, but dead for now. Had to ruin a nice family's morning getting a tow back to the river lighthouse. Then, had to walk 3 plus miles over to the Pine Grove boat launch to get to the truck and trailer...


    So, here until Wednesday, no way to fish, and $400 minimum to fly home early. Checked with a couple charters who, understandably, are all booked up. One might have a fellow Captain with room to at least try and get in a trip tomorrow morning to salvage something, but haven't heard back yet...


    Well, a week of fish stories, just not the kind I'd hoped for, especially for my nephew and brother in law who don't come up every year like I do...


    Good luck to everyone the rest of the season, and thanks again to those who helped us today, and in days past when needed!


    L.J. and the crew of the Bigfoot 2...




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  10. When we fish together, boat traffic permitting, whomever isn't fighting the fish will normally getting Trolling down wind (if we aren't already), and then we'll pop it into neutral if we can't gain and/or to net the fish . In all his excitement having the first King of the year to the boat, he forgot thatittle detail...

    Hopefully the epic winds of today and tomorrow die down by midday Saturday. Been some really good activity 50-85 FOW for him and a friend right off the mouth of the Salmon...since he lost the gear, he stayed out of the Deep Blue...


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  11. Same for me, 12 out of the last 13 years, headed up Saturday through Wednesday. My Dad was out yesterday and Monday between the plant and the river. 1 for 2 Monday, 1 for 3 yesterday. Can't wait - like fishing the skinny water for Kings!!!

    Hope she plays nice this weekend. Heading up tomorrow for the 12 annual labor day run. Good report. I like browns

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  12. Flying up Saturday morning for my annual trip with my Dad. He's been up per fishing when he can get out by himself (81 years young!)


    He was in 639 FOW yesterday when he hit a nice salmon, about #20, and got it to the boat. Whatever happened, he was having a devil of a time netting the fish...


    So he put the rod down to try and net the fish...


    ... Missed the fish...


    ... Fish takes off...


    ... with the whole rig... tackle, rod, and reel...


    Plus, when he went to try and grab the rod, he dropped the net to do so... and lost the net overboard too...


    So, if your fishing out the front gate in Oswego, and somehow that fish by some miracle isn't on the bottom and is cruising around and you catch it, now you know why there is a rod and reel attached...


    Can't wait to get up there this weekend!


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