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  1. I am heading up to the salmon river to fly fish with a buch of guys for a week at the end of september.I wanted to take my boat up and fish for muskie around the oswego river area or even up the river a little.I dont know of any of my muskie fishing pals that have done this but they said its not a bad idea.I was woundering if there is any one that fishs this area?Im not looking for spots or secret tips,just woundering if its worth it.If you want to email me,my adress is cashiz @aol.com. Thanks Andy

  2. I am heading up to lake Kashwakamak in a week to walleye fish for a week.I was woundering if anyone has any info or areas for me to target on Gull lake if I were to fish it for a few days for muskie.Dont get me wrong I like walleye fishing..but I love the Skis.If this lake is not worth targeting is there any other lake I could hit that is within an hours drive?

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