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  1. On 8/27/2022 at 8:20 AM, rolmops said:

    Another fact is that the enemies of Qumerica have secretly moved the pedophile vaccine to Niagara Falls and now all the fish in the lake are carrying the pedestrian pedophile germs. And according to my personal pederast pedometer all fish in the lake from the tiniest stickleback to the biggest salmon now carries the perfect personal pedestrian pedipalp pedal peripheral pedophile virus and eating fish from the lake will probably expose you to this virus 

    LOL - We're not paranoid - everyone IS out to get us!!

  2. On 2/11/2022 at 5:57 PM, finsntins said:

    two thumbs up to elosta and the mexico vfw for having this event.glad to see they didnt cave to the tyrants running this state.im really proud to be an elosta member!!!!!

    What tyrants?

  3. My Terrova runs fine but does not turn to the right or left with either iPilot or foot controls. I live near Trumansburg. Any suggestions for someone who can repair this?





  4. Not sure why Seneca. It might have something to do with the distribution of electric power. Lots of local power plants often means a more stable electricity supply. That comes, of course, at an environmental cost.


    I live on Cayuga Lake and can see the inactivated Milliken power plant from my house. It had been coal-fueled. When the power company proposed running gas lines to the plant as fuel, Lansing activists protested and so that plant sits idle as well. When an investor proposed the plant be used as a data center, locals refused that as well. So Milliken is another vacant power plant with lots of electric lines connected to it.


    Maybe with the price of copper increasing so much, someone can at least sell Milliken assets for scrap metal.

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  5. Rod building is fun when you have a goal in mind. Are you looking to customize the rod grip, build a rod with a specific balance, design your own guide spacing, or create a rod with an action that you just can't get off the rack? Go for it but take your time and do your research.


    As others have pointed out, you'll probably spend more than buying a rod off the rack. But you get exactly what you want/ need. It's custom, after all..


    Good luck,


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