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  1. It seems like a lot of us have struggled in Mexico bay and others are killing it. I’ll be out in the morning about 6. The boat name is Tranquilo, 25ft center console. Feel free to look for me / call me. There’s plenty of fish to go around. Unless someone has any advice, I’ll be starting around 90 to 110ft headed east/ west fishing a mix of flys and spoons 30 to 70 down. Feel free to let me know what you think of that plan good or bad.  I have out of towners on Lake Ontario for the first time so I’d like to land a few to show off our lake. I’ve gotten skunked the last two time out...

  2. wow, I have no idea what section to post this, but i am a food vendor and i may need some help this weekend at balloon fest in jamesville. I'm posting here because i want LOU members skilled in using an electric fillet knife. You'll be carving smoked whole hams. I'll pay $15 an hour under the table. I'm also hiring for general labor at my stand (serving, cleanup, ect), but this post is specifically for ham carvers. I figured my fellow fishermen could use a few extra $$$. send me a PM if interested.

  3. i have one of those bars that go between the outboard and the trailer to hold the outboard up while towing. i launched my boat and forgot to take it off. well, the boat sliding off the trailer takes care of that!! funny thing is, when i got back from fishing and its time to take the boat out, there is that stupid bar laying on the bottom of the launch ramp. even funnier is that i've done that 4 times now. i guess whoever said to not be in a hurry, especially early in the morning knows what they are talking about. and to all you guys who launch at wrights landing in oswego: if you ever see that thing laying on the bottom of the launch, leave it right there. i'll get it on my way in !

  4. this is the new style from 2008. cannon improved them signifigantly from 07 to 08. i used it all last year, works great but i sold the boat. comes complete, display, probe, wiring. i also have a cannon mag 10. its an older one but it has short stop and positive ion so it can't be that old. i'm going to ebay them in march, but i'll offer it here first. $500 for them both. i'll pay for shipping. i also have 2 nice 12lb weights that were new last year from gander mt. i'll throw them in as well but i'm not shipping those. buyer can pay for that or pick them up. or you can invite me brown fishing in april and i'll bring them with me. PM me if interested.

  5. general motors vehicles 2000 and newer, the lights are automatic and are on when its dark. you can shut them off but most people don't know how. but if you are taking a long time, you can still turn the engine off. that will make them shut off. i almost blinded a guy once who was pulling out his boat. i used the remote to unlock the truck, which turns the lights on, which was pointed right at him and he happened to be looking right at it. a simle "hey man, sorry about that, i forgot that makes the lights turn on. let me turn them off until you're done" usually does the trick.

  6. I've never been to the dock at sandy, but everyone seems to think its a problem. i have know a few DEC officers over the years and they take their jobs very seriously and they are always like to feel needed. i'm sure with a call or two they would stop by during the busy time. i promise you that not every one there is legal. maybe they could just write a littering ticket or 2 to send a message. our tax money and liscense fees pay their salary so if there is a problem, tell them to fix it. i've steered them towards a few oneida lake ice fisherman from time to time and they were grateful and actually made one arrest!

  7. it was my first time fishing owasco for lakers. i did what the locals told me. drove around until i found bait pods then stopped and jigged over the top of them. i even had the same jigs and colors (white) as everyone else. nothing. the other boats around me were catching plenty. i must have been doing something wrong. after 2 hours i got frustrated, put the riggers down and caught 3 on a purple spoon in 30 minutes. dragged the spoon right through the middle of the bait. about 60 ft down. and yes, i did forget to get a new sportmans liscense. oops. will do that today.

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