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  1. Not to beat this horse to death, but Populus deltoides is also called the eastern poplar, but that white crap is actually the dispersal mechanism for the seedds of all of the poplar family of trees. There are 3 species that all inhabit the northeast 2 of wich surround our big blue and the 3rd is only on the east and west coast, but I agree with most of you in that they should all be cut down and burned.

  2. I went to SUNY esf from 2000-2004, took ichtheology class. There has been natural reproduction in Lake Ontario for a lot longer than anyone knows. Back in 2002 when I took the class we went out in six groups of four, each with a shoking unit that incapacitates fish within a cubic yard and we shocked the life out of the salmon river from the Rt 3 bridge north and we found hundreds of salmon fry in one afternoon. That being said don't believe everything you hear or read.

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