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  1. Fished early this morning went 4/8 with one 9.5 # Brown.

    Lost one really big one first thing. All but one on the downriggers down 10' to 15' in 25'-30' of water.

    The big fish was caught in the prop wash flat lining with a CLEO.


    Also a word of Caution... I went fishing yesterday and unknown to me the bunks on my trailer were frozen this am with the cold weather. While driving up to fish this, the boat polished the frozen bunks to a mirror finish.  Thank God I un-hooked it near the water with the tires in the water.  When I did, the boat slid into the water at lightning speed all by it's self... AMAZING... 

    I am lucky, it didn't hit the ramp. Anyways, that's my story.post-143532-0-39791500-1460332273_thumb.jpg

  2. Funny story sad but true

    yesterday out of Oswego I had a boat troll up to me very fast (twice my speed)

    he pass on my port side and his planner board was no further than 50 feet away

    The slob had the entire lake but had to come in that close

    Cant wait for more boats to join the fun

  3. yes I launched there Sunday

    trolled inside and outside breakwalls

    no fish

    river was ripping too fast to fish

    water was  chocolate colored

    also fished where clear water met the colored, marked a few fish along the line

    temp 33.5 max

  4. hello

    can you help clear things up for me

    on these posts when you folks talk about depths are you

    stating actual depth of lure or the amount of wire out on the downrigger??

    Is this example correct?

    If I want to get down 100 feet on my downrigger im putting out approx. 130 feet of wire??

    Im a newbie trying to catch my first salmon on a downrigger?

    Thanks anyone for your help


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