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  1. It is of great disappointment :( that I am having to relay this message. As of May 2 there will not be a 2012 ice fishing show in Syracuse, NY. As the sport of ice fishing is growing here in the east it is of great interest for all of us to have a show such as this here in this region. I hope many of you here are as interested in this as I and want to bring another show back. I am seeking great venue ideas and issues that we can use to get this rolling.

    Cheers to a great ice season ahead!

  2. Well This is a great question. Consider a few things. The drill attached ones are very limited and are prone to cold. Thus limiting the # of holes you can drill.

    12v augers luimit the # of holes that you can drill and are short on power for the days with thicker ice.

    I Professionally use a 24v system by Icegator http://www.icegator.com/ and from my experiences we have been able to get 200 holes in an outing.

    By all means electric is a wise chaice. Easier on your shoulders and more efficient on your time.

  3. Here it is!!!! Some more speakers may be added.

    2010 Ice Fishing & Winter Sports Show Seminar Schedule

    Posted for Affinity Events

    Friday, December 10, 2010

    Show Hours: 4-9pm

    Time Topic Guest Speaker

    6:00pm “The System†Ice Fishing for Success Dave Genz

    7:00pm “The First 30 Days: James Holst

    Prepping for the Season & Early Ice Walleyes†In-Depth Outdoors

    Saturday, December 11, 2010

    Show Hours: 10am-7pm

    Time Topic Guest Speaker

    11:00am “The First 30 Days: James Holst

    Prepping for the Season & Early Ice Walleyes†In-Depth Outdoors

    12:00pm “The System†Ice Fishing for Success Dave Genz

    1:00pm “Fishing Plastics†Scott Brauer

    Maki Plastics

    2:00pm TBD Tony Boshold

    3:00pm “The System†Ice Fishing for Success Dave Genz

    4:00pm TBD Joe Pikulski

    5:00pm “Time Management and Gear Organization, Nathan Krusko & Chris Jones

    effective techniques to help improve your success†Northeast Ice Fishing

    Sunday, December 12, 2010

    Show Hours: 10am-4pm

    Time Topic Guest Speaker

    12:00pm “The System†Ice Fishing for Success Dave Genz

    1:00pm The First 30 Days: James Holst

    Prepping for the Season & Early Ice Walleyes In-Depth Outdoors

    2:00pm TBD Tony Boshold

    ***Please note that all times and topics are subject to change***


  4. floatfisher

    If you have not yet purchased a flasher a great place to look into them is at the Syracuse ice fishing show. There will be plenty of knowledgable people there to talk to and yes even deals to be had. Sunday is your best shot at the best deals as many reps will not want to be hauling stuff back with them.

    Let us know what you get.

  5. Here is a bit of insight into the time battered camera vs flasher. Cameras are fun. Nice to see the fish. But much stops there as an effective tool for searching for fish. Consider your camera cable as a boat anchor. every time you use it you are effectively dropping a metaphorical anchor that will hold you in that area for a bit and if no fish you then have to pull up and move on. Now they are great tools and i use them often. But the use a flashers vastly will make your time on the ice much more effective. Quickly searching a hole even those that are only 5 feet deep for fish. If no activity move on. Now in shallower water situation you will be stopping briefly to try the holes since the cone angle does not cover much area but it is still very easy to move. Remember you are only as efficient as your tools at hand and the ability to move on to productive water.

    Using the anchor comparison. Consider that every time you were to make a cast from your boat you would drop anchor. The ice should be no different. Many on open water use their trolling motors to cover more water so why hold back on the ice with an anchor of a camera cable. Making this comparison makes it much easier to relate. Fishing is fishing and the game does not change much from open too frozen. so keep on moving and catching fish.

    This is just my .02 but I hope it sheds light on the aged old issue... Sorry to write this off topic but it seems to fit with recent conversation.

  6. Wilson harbor sounds great. It appears to be a smaller area. That is nice for a new visitor. When fishing trout (with out giving your secrets, of course), What is the common techniques for jigging them? Fish around the Dock piers, or in the chanel? Spoons or smaller horizontal presentations with soft plastics? Just curious I want to learn more on fishing LO harbor, although I probably will not get a chance to fish them.

  7. In a recent conversation i heard of the possibility of jigging trout in one or more of lake ontario's bays. IS this true and is it something of a regular possability? I would love o hear more about this. One of the bays or ares in particular is Ollicot. (I hope I have the spelling correct) Also how is the jigging for panfish and other species in that area as well? I look forward to learning more on this.

  8. floatfisher

    This is a great question and from many it is like asking ford or chevy. LOL As a non bias point i have used many and am exposed to all brands I will offer up some insight for your situation. You mention shallow water. I will assume this means 40 foot and less.. Teh most importand thing in choosing a unit is going for one of the new er ones that have zoom capabilities and shy away from an older model suchas a vex fl8 or older. The fl 18 has an ease of use that is excelent for beginners. A good solid unit that is entirely dependable. The next up was the fl20 which is basically he same as far as function just slightly differnent zoom capabilities, and the depth selections are different. A better avanvement from the fl20 is the fl22. This is geared to function below 60 feeet and is very easy for depth selection. Now the Price point is the vex units cost a bit more than the marcum but have a long company history. Now the marcum. this company has a very active development program and is investing alot into advancemnet and function. The LX3 and Lx5 are great units. The function with the lx 5 is its diversity. There is an adjustable zoom on it that gives you the ability to zoom in on any 5-10 foot section of the water column. This feature in itsself makes it very versatile for you switching form the finger lake bottom hugging perch and the suspended Crappie on a night bite. Bang for the buck, marcum. regardless of which you choose dedicate the time to learning its functions after you use it, buddy up with a fellow angler that uses one or attend an ice fishing event and meet with tournament anglers that are using them and catch some tips during a demo or seminar. I hope this has helped some....

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