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  1. Headed to Seneca for the holiday, headed out of Lodi Pt. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with the bass and pike this year compared to the past few years? I would like to get the kids onto some fish.

    Any pointers on where or what has been working is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks..... :)

  2. I’ve been bass fishing Ontario the past ten years out of the Salmon River. Each year it gets more frustrating to locate the bass or let alone get them in the boat. The gobies have done so much damage…lucky to get any the past few years. I mainly fish in Mexico 3-20 fow for them.

    Although this past Saturday I was 8 for 10, getting 7 of them in Mexico at the mouth of the little Salmon in 4 fow and near the ‘A’ frame north of there in 10 fow. To my surprise I landed 3 very nice smallies at the mouth of the Salmon River along the north break wall. All 10 fish I caught on a rapala lipless fire tiger rattle trap. This was by far my best outing ever for bass on Ontario. Try the fire tiger rattle traps and Mr. Twister 1/8 yellow twister tails.

    :) Good Luck


  3. I have fished Seneca a lot over the years and did really well finding the smallies and pike in the late 90's. Being away from the lake the past few years it seems all the spots that used to produce good numbers don't anymore. When I explain to the kids how we used to do they don't believe me. If anyone has any ideas to where to try.......I would greatly appreciate it.

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  4. I thank you both.

    My first visit last year to the lake, I headed to Sevey's. Driving down into there with the rig was a real life experience. I don't want to relive.

    Funny you mentioned the surfboard paddlers……….we actually seen one up at the North end on Sunday for the first time also.

    Those are some nice looking crappies…..what did you get those on? The kids would get a kick out of landing some of those.

    Thanks again.

  5. Hey All.

    I am headed to Seneca Lake next weekend hoping to land some smallies, perch and pike with the kids. We will launching out of Lodi point. If anyone has been hitting them this year and would like to share some good places to try on the lake it would be appreciated.

    Thanks for any information in advance.


  6. Hey All,

    I am headed to Ontario this weekend looking to catch some bass. Has anyone had any luck at Mexico or near the Salmon River on the Lake?

    Thanks in advance

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  7. Weather was very windy this weekend. 10-15 out of the southwest. Was able to land a nice 16 inch smallie just north of Lodi point last night. The two spots you mentioned are some of the areas we used to fish 5+ years ago. We always did pretty well between the camp and the creek just past Willard. I was hoping to hit those areas this past weekend, but didn't dare to travel that far in the rough water.

  8. Hey All,

    I am headed to Skaneateles next weekend to try some bass fishing. This will be my first time there. I am launching out of Skaneateles Marina. Can anyone give a newcomer some spots to try near this marina? Also what type of lures seem to work best ?

    Thanks in advance

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