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  1. Be careful and still call CanPass until the Canadian Government passes the New Border Water Regulation.

    I still have not received clarification from the Canadian Imigration if when this new rule passes will it include Charter Fishing Vessels.At present a Charter Captain must have a Canadian Work Permit Visa for $155 to operate in Canadian Border Waters & must call CanPass and can Only Work Daylight Hours!

    Capt Larry D Jones 

    Pres. E.L.E.C.B.A.

  2. Ivan,Nice Fatties from last year! I will be out every day thru June 17th on Chautauqua.As I always do I will start north of Bell Tower for the opener.If water temps are still in the low 60's,then the warmest water will be shallow,so I will start out trolling short line with Wiley's in tight to shore and structure.Good Luck to everyone this weekend and thru the season!

  3. The fishing everywhere has been slow this past weekend,bass on Lake Erie are behind schedule for moving shallow to spawn.I believe most walleye are just now spawning,so what eyes being caught are smaller males.The cooler start of spring has setback everything this year.I hope the inland muskie season starting this weekend I s on!

  4. Today at Bison City Rod & Gun Club at 511 Ohio Street, Buffalo, NY 14204 the Jimmy Griffin Teach A Kid To Fish Outing from 2 pm to 6 pm.Kids Fishing Learning Stations,Fishing on Buffalo River,Free Hotdogs,Cabelas Archery & BB Gun Ranges,Kids have a chance to Win a Free Fishing Rod & Reel,every Kid gets a Lure.

    Bring the Kids,bring the Grandkids for a Fun Day of Fishing!

  5. Silver Lake is hot right now for Crappies. Very good around Silver Lake Marina using black & chartreuse Trout Magnets 20" below slip boober.They are hitting light,just a steady bobber with no movement.You will have to cull thru to get limit over 9",many just under size.50 to 100 fish days are possible.

  6. I asked if it was because my boat is much smaller at 21 ft with a 250 hp outboard.The answer that I got was my Insurance is much lower because I trailer the boat and it not sitting in the water where there is more risk.Also Inboards have more risks as well.

  7. Just having on a life jacket will only give you a short period of survival time to get out of the water before your body starts shutting down from high 30's to low 40 degree water! Be smart and buy a Mustang Survival Suit,just might give you that extra time to come out alive!

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