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  1. I tried perch fishing from shore this afternoon. I went to Sampson and Seneca Lake park along the canal inlet. No perch. In fact I never saw anyone catch anything. It was a great day to be outside.

    I was at Sampson yesterday also. Nothing, did see a guy in a boat get a few. That was it. I blame the crazy weather this year. You never know things may pick up.

  2. Ice is 5 to 7 inches all the way across the South end. Maybe 5 inches of snow with 4-5 inches of slush between the snow and the ice. Drag while not perfect could have been a lot worse. Parking lot was plowed. Perch were hitting with an occasional bluegill for me. WAX WORMS and perch minnows were working well. About 15 shanties were on the South end with maybe 20-30 more guys on buckets.

    The cold temps tonite and Thursday will hopefully freeze up the slush. Plan on going back Friday. The weekend I bet will be a zoo.

    Did you get out today? How was the ice and the drag?

  3. I was there yesterday. We came in off Shaker Road. Went out to about 30 fow. The drag was terrible! it was nothing but slush! Two of us managed to get about a dozen keepers (9-11") and fought off a hundred small to tiny ones. We did meet up with a guy who was near us and he had about a half bucket of keepers. Minnows did better for him and spikes and minnows for us.

  4. I was there yesterday for about 6 hours or so. 1 small perch, 1 small pike. I heard of 1 pike around 7lbs the ones I saw other folks catch were all small. The perch fishermen I talked to said it was very slow. Some of them came from Irondequoit and they said it was slow there also.

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