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  1. There is pretty good Rainbow fishing in Manitowaning Bay - although it is slow right now.  Salmon come in there as well (starting any time now) Meldrum Bay is usually the best bet for consistent catches, but size seems down a bit these days. It's further to drive, and you need to keep an eye on the winds - it can be a rough ride to where the fish live. South Baymouth is a little easier to get to but like everywhere else, the salmon are not as plentiful as they once were- but still better than a few years ago.  

    I am considering a trip to Lake Ontario, but from what I am reading, it doesn't sound a whole lot better there.


  2. Name: Tank


    Home Port:Little Current

    Boat Name/Type:The Rock

    I fish for:Anything


    Just signed up. Tired of washing lures on the North Shore of Huron. Love the water there, but the salmon fishing has been poor the last few years. May give Lake Ontario a try. Very good shared info. on this site. Thanks, Tank

    (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here).

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