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  1. After going all these years that I have hunted I finally got my first doe. I have hunted for around 10 years or so (late to the game!) Have harvested 6 deer in that time and every one has been a buck. One bigger than the rest but I like the meat so horns aren't a priority. This year I really wanted to finally fill a doe tag. Tag soup is too bland for me lol. Got today off and went ealry this morning, man I wasnt ready for that cold!. Sat until about 845 when I caught movement. Out step 4 deer, looking very similar to teh situation earlier in the season when I shot a doe that grew 8 inch spikes when i got to him I wanted to make damn sure this time. Finally a doe walked out and I was sure. Not the best shot as I was excited as it could have been a big buck but I now have my first doe hanging after quite a bit of work20181205_082942.jpeg

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  2. We trolled oneida saturday for the pickeral derby. We dragged challenger and rapala stick baits over 13 to 18 feet of water and caught these guys. Sounds like the walleye were biting good all over saturday. 3 guys in the boat. All over 18 inches20180526_153018.jpg

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  3. Hi guys -
    Yeah very frustrating.  The issue is specific to only Android devices and was caused when android forced us to upgrade app (out of my hands).  Unfortunately "forced" upgrades are bad (as many of you are probably experiencing on Android).  I'll continue to work with the developers to fix issues - could take a bit so please be patient.  In the mean time you could simply use the web mobile version and that should work find all the time on all devices. 
    Thanks again for the patience and sorry about the bugs in the new release - know I'm as frustrated as you with this forced upgrade.  iOS/Apple app should have no issues.
    No problem on my phone

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  4. Been 3 years since I have seen a deer while in the woods. Took today off and went. Got there before sunrise to head to the stand and about got blown over by the wind. There is a nice little cabin on the property so I sat on the porch. About 815 the property owner drove by and gave a honk hello. As I turned back to the woods a doe and nice bodied 6 went flying through. Neither offered a shot. A few minutes later I see this guy with his nose to the ground. Very happy to have finally broken the bad streak I have been on. Taken with a 12 gauge ithaca deer slayer givin to my by my father inlaw. Biggest buck for me and first deer taken on this propertyIMG_15641.jpg

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