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    Total of 7 Penn 10 reels. I have had them since I started. They are a little sticky and could use a good cleaning. I kept a few and use them

    for short lead cores but could be used for downrigger’s and flat lines. Willing to negotiate for multiples. Shipping on you but would meet in a reasonable distance. $20 Sold




    DW flasher file: Free but you pick it up. Gone




    Cannon single rod holder: $5 Sold




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  2. 12 minutes ago, JakeyBaby said:

    Had the same thing happen a few years ago! Once we brought the pole in after we thought she was gone, set it back in the rod holder since the dipsy never tripped and 30 sec later caught the biggest King of the day to help us win the Sandy Creek Shootout!! I'll take luck any day of the week!

     Didn't that happen with the net off your boat as well and we hooked it on the diver rod. Richie probably remembers.

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