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  1. Set of two. I live in Macedon but  I’m in the Sodus point and Wolcott area weekly. Will not ship. 



    Daiwa Sealine 47LC reels. All work as they should. $35 each. Will ship on buyers dime.  SOLD




    Okuma Convector 30d’s. Wire reel the lever quit working but I just backed the drag off to set it. Has probably 950’ or blood run wire left on it. Mono reel is fully functional. $60 each.






  2. that technique was more used in the lake. i’ve caught smallies in the bay but mainly largemouth. weed lines and around the points for pike. There are walleyes but they’re not common. only have ever caught a few. 

  3. mag inside, reg outside. i do a 1 and 3. can also do both regulars with 20lb wire on the inside diver. Shouldn’t be an issue with your riggers. Baits are generally tighter to your rigger weights compared to 100+ feet behind your boat with divers. I always just run them right out of the package. Can’t say I have ever took a ring off and I normally glue them down so they don’t come off.  Still expect tangles with other divers or long lines but you do get better at preventing them the more you do it. 

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  4. Two 8x20” Taylor Made, One 6x18” West Marine. All held air over the winter. Came off a boat I recently bought and I bought new ones. Local pickup in Macedon but Have been traveling to Wolcott weekly and could arrange something. Ropes seen in pics included. $30





  5. One piece of advice i can give from my experience is to make friends with new guys. Most guys want to learn new techniques and want to improve there catch rate and jumping on an experienced boat during tournaments brings the best out. You sacrifice in rod handling but they can only improve. Most of all try your best to keep it laid back and fun. Best way to keep them coming back and you may end up making a good friend and expand your network when they’re out there as well. 

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  6. 2 hours ago, Edward.T.Marino said:

    Can you send more pics of this boat to [email protected]. I am looking for a Penn Yan Tournament 212 with a V6 rather than a 5.0L V8.  I would trout fish with this boat on Seneca Lake and Cayuga. I want something smaller than what I have now and I really like the Penn Yan Tournament 212.

    won’t be until i can get it unwrapped in spring. 

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