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  1. Also got out before dinner for an hour. This time I went all the way south and started by the little launch that's down on the west side. Stayed deep in 150-160 just headed north the whole time and ended 3/5 with two lakers about 6-7lbs and a small bow all on the rigger down 44 with a Michigan stinger scorpion jäger bomb 2.2-2.4 gps

  2. Started fishing this morning around 7 in 130 fow at the north end. Started off slow but as the sun came up the riggers took all the fish down 38' over 130-150 small scorpion stingers with purple and copper backs 3 rainbows two were nice size about 7lbs then one small one and a laker pulled lines around 9:30 2.2-2.3 on the gps seemed to be the bestpost-150201-14730850841368_thumb.jpgpost-150201-14730850926443_thumb.jpgpost-150201-14730851030657_thumb.jpg

    All were released to get bigger

  3. 7/9

    Started at 1:30 in the afternoon at the north end in 80 fow solo running two riggers and one core. First fish came on 50' rigger with purple scorpion stinger with black dots and copper back. Next 4 came on standard uv nbk stinger 5' off bottom anywhere I went. Worked between birtus and Martin point between 65 and 80 the whole time. Average lakers biggest at 6lbs fished for 3 hrs


    Started in the same spot at 7:00 this time with my dad running two riggers two dipsie a core and a copper. First fish came as dipsie was being set out over 80 fow with white pro troll and mirage fly. After that one that snapped our line off the 55' rigger with standard frog stinger. Kept working the same area as yesterday two more fish off the 65' rigger with uv nbk. Marking bait and fish up higher I moved the nbk up to 48'. 2 minutes later caught a little 3lb rainbow. Then last fish came on the dipsie out 200' on a 3 setting with the white pro troll and mirage fly in 75 fow. Called it quits at 9:30 best trips I've had in a few weeks

  4. Fished owasco sat night sun morn and sun night. Sat night I was solo but did ok. Not one one spoon stood out. Kept changing them out. Ended up 4/4 on lakers. All off riggers down 150 and 130 in 170 fow. Same thing sun mornin. All rids in by 7 and couldn't sit down to drive. Riggers were hot but it didn't last long. By 7:45 it was done. 7 fish but can't remember the amount of hits. Lost track quick. Called it quits at 11. Sun night only 2 fish. Everything has been lakers so far. Some good ones topost-150201-14610081362405_thumb.jpgpost-150201-14610081515951_thumb.jpg

    Biggest two of the weekend

  5. We were out there with you. Ended up 3 for 5. Dipsie out 290 had one fish with uv wonderbread sd with mirage fly. Other dipsie out 350 pulling a nuclear sd with mirage fly had two. Both on a 3 setting. Rigger down 150 with dirty white boy standard stinger had 2 hits with no one home. Cold for sure. post-150201-1460254586367_thumb.jpgpost-150201-14602546105631_thumb.jpgpost-150201-14602546324037_thumb.jpg

  6. For the earlier brown I was going about 2.1 gps. The smaller boat doesn't have the fish hawk on it. Water temp was cold. It was only 45. The other brown we had a 2.1 down speed and a temp of about 52 down 35 and 55 on top

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  7. We caught our second brown of the season Sunday night. Natural born killer spoon off 150 copper over 95 fow. Earlier in the year top lining by myself caught one with a thunderstick black and silver 100' behind the boat. post-150201-14011939254342_thumb.jpgpost-150201-14011939416853_thumb.jpg

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