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  1. 2 hours ago, lakebound88 said:

    Highly recommend taking a look at a luhrs down in watkins glen. 340 luhrs fisherman. Never fished. Beautiful boat for entertaining and fishing. It was my dock neighbor. Meticulously maintained and cared for... if you'd like more info pm me.

    Making your stories, Reel Stories, since 2011!!


    I live in ontario about 30 minutes away from the border. Is there any ad posted for this boat? Price? Photos? Contact info? Would be very interested if it falls into budget...

  2. 15 hours ago, Bozeman Bob said:

    What is his budget and how far are you willing to travel ? Strictly freshwater or is a saltwater boat ok ? Diesel or gas powered ?  More for cruising/entertaining or fishing ?  Filling in some of the blanks may expand or narrow your search if you want feedback from LOU people.  www.iboats.com    www.boattrader.com     www.thehulltruth.com  all have a good selection of boats in there classified or for sale forums. Craigslist in Ohio and Michigan ,Hudson Valley in NY and make sure you check off nearby areas when you get to the actual boat page. These are better sources than local Craigslist, again depending on how far you want to haul the boat back from, Blackwatch/Phoenix/Bertram/Hatteras/Rampage/Blackfin/Topaz/Henriques/Ocean Yachts/Luhrs/Viking are some of the major players in what you are looking for. 


    Thanks! These are the boats I have already been searching for, Ocean Yachts, Viking, Hatteras, Luhrs, and even some of the older trojans have the lines that he is looking for. My mother in law isn't big on fishing...so the issue is buying a boat large enough and comfortable enough for her and my wife while we fish. Personally, I've always wanted an 11m trojan or a 36 open tiara...however, my mother in law wants a salon. She doesn't want to go "down below"...which is why this style of boat with a fly bridge is preferred. 

  3. Flybridge Fishing Boat

    Looking for 30-40 ft fishing boat with flybridge. My father in law is thinking about upgrading this season, and with much consideration has decided that this is the right style of boat for him. I'm not really having any luck finding anything 

  4. I found Okuma Convector 20D reel on sale for 99 dollars here in Canada. The majority of our reels at 30's, 45's and 55's. Our current downrigger reels are 30's but I'd like to use these for different set ups.


    My question is, are the 20D reels suitable for downrigger reels? I believe they will hold plenty of line - they say 201yds of 20lb test - gear ratio is 5.0.1. I believe.



  5. We have reached a point now where we pretty much have tackle everywhere. We have multiple boxes, bags, paddle boxes, spin doctor boxes, special mate tackle boxes and what seems like ten thousand rods. 


    What do you do to store everything? How do you organize things? How do you organize spoons -by size, colour, style, brand? 


    We have pool noodles with various types of leaders, fly leaders, meat rigs etc. 


    I  guess I'm just looking for some tips in order to get ready for the tournament season ahead



  6. One of the considerations in selecting a swivel is whether it will go through the rod tip, eyes and through a level wind guide. I use the #8 SPRO power swivel for this and it is rated at 50 lbs which is plenty to do the job and I've never had one fail. The copper is considerably below that in breaking strength and I also use the haywire twist bit I don't use shrink wrap. I carefully wind the copper neatly with many turns above the connection and I've never had one of those fail either. I like to be able to examine the connection fully at all times for any strand damage or potential failure issues.


    How does this look? 



  7. So I have a 300 Copper on an Okuma CV55 - I purchased spro heavy swivels, size 4 rated for 240lb test...these were slightly too big. The only other swivels they had at the store were spro size 5 power swivels rated for 120lbs. Will these be enough? I guess the size is making think bigger would be stronger. 


    To tie to these swivels, I just do a haywire twist with copper to swivel? Also, which size shrink wrap works best for this?


    Would love any tips or advice you could give me



  8. I just have a quick question. We switched both of our dipsy rods to wire this year. I remember reading somewhere that you can add a short length of mono after the wire, so that you can reel all of the wire into the reel, and then break the rod in two for storage so you don't kink the line...although doesn't this sort of defeat the purpose of the wire? or is it best to just reel the line until the swivel reaches the tip of the rod? 


    Also, what knots are you using to the swivel?

  9. I have a ten color. You  can't let out 5 colors on a ten color and just stop it on the reel. All the lead needs to be in the water. So, my theory is that if I have 5 colors of lead-mono-and another 5 colors of lead, I could let out 5 colours and fish fine, or I could let out the other 5 colors and now I have a ten color


    does that make sense?

  10. This might be a little caveman theory on my part but this is the way I did it. First I bought a Berkley line counter that measures line in feet and attaches to your pole. I used the same reels also first I reeled on my leadcore line say your 5 colors then I tied the lead to the braid line. Here come the line counter set it up and reel your spool full and pay attention to the line counter what ever it reads, now you have the amount of the braid you need on the reel, so to get my a$$ backwards line on correct I just reel the line off the backwards reel onto another reel of the same size then your leadcore will be on top. This way there's no guessing. For each color being different say a 7 color the same technique is used, spin the core on first then your backing watch your line counter on the pole. Spin your a$$ backwards over on to the other reel, repeat your backing numbers on first then your core. Maybe others have a better way, this way gets the spool full to the capacity of the reel. If you do a 7 color now you have a 3 color. I did it so what one core did the other part made a short core. Like a 5&5 or 3&7. I use line counter reels so I know how much backer I have out or maybe I want to add a snap weight, I need to know how much line is out. A lot of guys just run a level line reel and estimate the amount of backer they want out. Hope this helps a little. PAP.

    Thanks pap, makes perfect sense! 

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