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  1. OK everyone, if there was one spoon for steelies you would never leave the dock without, what would that spoon be? As well, what set up would you never leave the dock without for lake trout? Do you use a flasher/dodger when trolling for spring browns, steelies?   

  2. Sat. was great day on the lake. 4 for 5. 1 on rigger hammer/hammer 90 fow 75 down. 1 on copper SD Mt.dew/white 95 fow. 2 on dipsey 2.5 200 and 225 90 fow SD white w/green dots/yellow. speed, 1.9 - 2.4. We run out to 140 fow, marked a few but stayed in 85-105 where we marked the most fish. Marked lots of bait as well. Stacking up for sure, next few weeks should be even better. :yes:  :rofl:    

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