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  1. Lakebound88:


    I'm not upset, its not worth it, 

    however, just an fyi, i also sent to the other contact address a while before i posted the pm, to no avail. 

    after i sent the pm i also saw at least one other lot i was interested  in and was going to inquire about that one in addition. i try to support the guys on here, as i said, its not worth it. just buy new, less time wasted. 

    And believe me, i'm not trying to make a seen, just venting is all. 

  2. 2 Cannon Easy Trolls with Bases and 8 LB. weights. includes stainless bolts and nylon lock nuts. they are spooled with 150 LB. cable and i believe cables are 150 FT. each. both work fine, i am upgrading to electrics this year. $ 150.00 plus shipping 

    also have 2 brand new Cannon releases. $10.00 each plus shipping or $10.00 for both if your buying the riggers and i'll ship with the riggers.  post-151030-0-78585200-1428848587_thumb.jpgpost-151030-0-83057700-1428848621_thumb.jpgpost-151030-0-26904900-1428848651_thumb.jpg



    Please read the update to this also as i'm convinced that it is the problem with this engine. 


    Suzuki 75 hp outboard: This engine starts and runs beautifully and sounds crisp and strong on the stand, but the overheat buzzer went

    off when i had it on the boat and took it out on the water. this engine came on a boat i bought. the first time i took it out it buzzed

    and lost rpm's. i took it to a marine mechanic who told me the engine will cut rpm's if it thinks its overheating, to protect itself from

    damage. they checked the water pump and it was good, compression was very good, thermostat was ok, they put plugs in it, charged

    me $650.00 and sent me on my way. expecting it was fixed, i took it back out and it did the same thing. i called them back and they

    said they could try rebuilding the carbs. i was planning a trip to Lake Ontario with the boat so i decided to buy another engine instead of

    spending more time and money on this engine. it comes with controls, gauges, prop, etc. it has power tilt / trim. I honestly don't

    know what, if anything is wrong with this engine, it was my first one so maybe i was doing something wrong, I don't know. please

    take a look at the pictures, its running in the photo's, i'm not sure if the tach is acurate as that picture was taken just above idle so

    i would guess more like 800 or 1000 rpm's.,  I believe the engine is a 1988. this engine starts and runs but has an unknown issue,

    I do not beleive it actually overheats, it shows no signs of overheating, if you are mechanical at all this may be the deal you've been

    looking for. being sold as is. I may consider parting out at a later date if the engine does not sell. you are welcome to come and look

    at engine and see it run on the stand.  thank you for your interest and good luck. asking $600.00 OBO 

    this engine is also listed on e-bay 

    On Apr-05-14 at 18:40:02 PDT, seller added the following information:


    I just received a phone call from a very knowledgeable individual and he told me what the problem with this engine most likely is. very

    simple, if you look at the last two photo's(I just added them ) .  you can see a plug with a couple wires attached going into the head

    just below the top spark plug. this is a sort of temperature switch. they tend to go bad and stick, giving incorrect information, so to

    speak. in other words, its telling the engine to cut rpm's because it thinks its running hot. this is an easy fix. if i didn't already buy

    a replacement engine, i would probably go ahead and fix this engine, but being as the engine already has interested parties, it would

    not be fair of me to pull it off now. so i decided to pass this information along to try to give insight to everyone. i would like to thank

    John for this information. i very much appreciated the phone call. thank you !













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