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  1. Water level is about the same as July. Just got back spent a week at Kring Point SP. Fishing was good. We found fish on shoals from 15 to 30 ft. of water. Fish are scattered around  caught 1 to 5 fish per shoal. You will have to move around. Caught them on the drop shot and on tubes. Good Luck, be safe.

  2. Not trying to argue ethics, but taking a picture of a fish and releasing it takes about 10 seconds. PROPERLY  handled fish will have no problem with this. As far as spawning goes there are bass tournaments down south where fish are caught off of beds and taken up to 70 miles to a weigh in , do you think they find there nest again. I doubt it! They don't have any problems down there with quality or numbers. People have been taking pictures of fish In season or out since the inception of the camera. This is just another example of NYS lawmakers not working together with the people in the trenches to make laws and put funding where it is truly needed.

    Just my 2 cents.

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