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  1. This time of year the fishing can change daily but there are still a lot of fish scattered everywhere but favoring the big water now the key I found was to stay with the bait which isn't easy to do all the time but when we were on the bait the fish bit here's a picture of the 12.2post-152229-14036558808179_thumb.jpgpost-152229-14036559222351_thumb.jpg. It was nice to have that one as our second fish by 6 am



  2. Had a good opening weekend caught an 11 lber Saturday and a bunch of other smaller fish the big one won the snug harbor derby and is sitting good in the loc derby Sunday was rough and wet but we managed another limit of fish post-152229-1399248290207_thumb.jpgpost-152229-13992483137326_thumb.jpg

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