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  1. My dad made me take a "piloting,seamanship and small boat handling" course before he let me use his boat. It was like 13 weeks and pretty hard. That was 50 years ago. Last year i took the state course on line for the heck of it. It's free if you don't need the certificate. Trouble is no matter how well you know the rules it seems no one else does. I avoid trouble by assuming everyone else is drunk,on the phone,and out for the first time.

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    That is the best way to approach it. Rules of the road can be trumped by safety, common sense, and common courtesy.

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  2. Just my 2 cents that is probably worth less..... As a lifetime fisherman at 48 years young and also a 25 year teacher, I have seen things that would make your head spin. I have found that many things combine to cause the lack of accountability for one's actions. The entitlement comes at all ages. I found that size, attitude, money, job, or just how you were raised could give someone a false sense of entitlement. When it comes to others safety or we'll being, it is not their concern. Very selfish world we now live in. Be safe, look out for your fellow sportsman. Oh! almost forgot, someone from my hunting camp shot over my head while we were starting to push on a drive. He told told me it was my fault, I shouldn't have been there. He knew where I was. From Hill Street Blues: "Let's be careful out there."

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  3. I had some similar symptoms with my outboard a few years back. The high rpm carb needle was stuck. It got gummed up. I found "Deep Kreep" spray made by sea foam worked the best to break it up and clean it out. Get her hot, spray in the air intakes, shut her down, let it work, repeat. I use it at the end of each season now and have not had the symptoms since. Worth a try.

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  4. I am so pleased to hear that so many others feel as I do. I for one would not be out there supporting our local shops and visiting the lakes if not for this site. I am very busy with work and kids, so when I have the chance to get out I do not want it to be a waste of my tome and money. People like Iron Duke have made my quality of life, so much better for my family. We can enjoy the lakes together thanks to Mike. I for one do not post that much, I don't have a profile picture, and I am a huge "lurker". I live vicariously through all of the regulars and feel like I have known them all my life. I don't know what I would have done without the help.

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  5. Did a little research for you and Big John's website is showing Parts but they say they are all parts that you can do it yourself one place you might want to check and they might be able to help you out I know that they do Scotty and Cannon riggers but try screwy Louie's in Fair Haven New York... http://www.screwylouiessportshop.com/


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    Good research Mike, you are exactly correct on the in house work.  I had to send one of mine in about 10 years ago.  I called customer service and they were awesome.  I got a woman that was extremely nice and helpful, she got me to a service guy, we talked about it, sent it in, and they did the work and shipped it back very quickly.  Much sooner than I ever thought it would take.  Give them a call....can't hurt.  Oh I almost forgot, the service guy they pulled off the floor to talk to me.  I thought that was cool.  I had motor problems so he walked me on how to remove the motor to pack it and send as so not to spend a ton on shipping.  He was great!!!


  6. Well don't feel too bad.  I went out on Saturday and pulled off the tarps and un did all the spider web of rope, put all the seats back in it, put the numerous batteries in it, electronics and life jackets, and got both main motor and kicker motor running.  Was going to go back out and run the motors one more time and the wife got me distracted and I forgot to get the canvas on it.  Well, I ended up with about 6 inches of snow in/on the old girl.  Went out about mid week after some had melted and hand shoveled the rest out and finally got the canvas on it.  Not a good feeling.....

  7. We know.and I'm pretty much joking but if that happened to any of us its hard to say what might of happened probably just keep on keeping on

    Oh I know. I was referring to their attitudes. Many have lots of money and have the rich and powerful attitude to go with it. Like I said, that comes from personal experience.

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  8. Hey fellas just for the record I am not to keen on the sailboats either. I am a fisherman just like everyone else. Don't get me wrong I loved racing, but I definitely didn't fit in. From being on sailboat crews, they are very arrogant. I have also have my fair share of sailboats both cut in front and run over my lines. I agree they deserve a little love tap but they usually have the money to repair or replace. Like I said very arrogant. I don't have that kind of disposable income.

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  9. Yes, and I think sometimes sailboats believe they always have right of way, but forget all the other rules they must follow as a result. This has been an interesting and informative thread. Good topic.

    You are correct. From my racing days, most sailboat owners do believe that they have the right of way at all times. Oddly they are aware that on larger bodies of water the only thing they must give way to cargo ships.

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  10. Chuck what lake?

    Lively I just took the safe boater course with my son and I am pretty sure you are correct. I do remember the sheriff mentioning about the "common courtesy" between sailboats and a fishing boat with lines out. If they can the sailboat should give way. But as Chuck found out the hard way some of them take the rules to extremes. I use to sailboat race on the Chesapeake bay and some sailors think they own the water and everyone should give way to them. I have seen first hand $250,000 sailboats bouncing off of each other and screaming from six inches away..... now that is a sight.

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  11. Great Brown were you in the Derby? That would be in the lead!

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    Nope not in the derby. I don't get out as much as I would really want. So I don't sign up for the derbies. My kids are starting to love going fishing and the wife even goes once in a while. Just enjoy the peaceful family time. Would love to hitch a ride with someone one one of these weekends.
  12. Great brown!!

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    Thanks Mike. I need to give you a huge shout out as I have picked your brain every time I come into the store. HVS has gotten some great word of mouth from me. I am finally at a point where I can be successful because of you guys here on the LOU. Thanks!!!!
  13. Sweet Fish! With how tough the fishing is this year so far that is one hell of an accomplishment. Sean

    Thanks Sean. Coming from you that is a huge compliment. It was a nice change. We were also out on Seneca last week and got skunked. That was our second time out on Cayuga with some success. Looking forward to (hopefully) when Seneca comes around.

  14. Well I am a frequent lurker and never have a reason to post, now I do. We were looking to get a morning fish in before the weather got weird. We set up in the south end with a mix of spoons and sticks and it was very slow until we had a line pop off the board. It acted like we either had a log or were hung up on bottom. The rod bounced a couple of times and then just had tention. We decided to loop around just in case as to not lose a good stick bait. As we got closer we finally saw the color and the excitement followed. My son pulled in this big Brown. After we finished the high fives and our hands stopped shaking, it measured in at 27", 12 lbs. 2 oz. Once in a lifetime for him. Also landed a 20" LL and a 26" pickerel and a dink LL.

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  15. I hope that my post did not offend any of the small local business owners on here. I will definitely check out the couple of shops that have been mentioned when i am in need of some gear. I enjoy just walking around Dick's and Field & Stream more than i do actually purchasing something. It's usually a time killer while my wife is doing her shopping at the mall :)

    Not offended here. I just know that the little guys work hard to keep what us locals really want and need in stock. We need to help keep them in business. I know we all think a buck is a buck but the insight and knowledge at the local shops is "priceless". I love how HVS has the "Finger Lakes" spoons made right in Elmira and they make new ones to match what is working. And you cant beat the fact theat when you walk in and Mike will walk you right over to the "hot" spoon and help you pick out what he was just hammering them on.
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