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  1. Walleye Baits Excellent shape. $65 + shipping
  2. Northern King/Hammerhead Cowbells $70 plus shipping (which can't be much cost)
  3. I grew up in Exeter and live in WP now
  4. Snap Weights $25 + shipping
  5. Special Mate Hanging Lure Box SPECIAL MATE 8" PLUG BOX Special Mate boxes are available with 8" body bait or 8" spoon dividers. Includes heavy duty, dual locking latches, flip dividers, padded lids, "v" lock stacking ribs and two-tone color scheme. BY FAR THE BEST BOX FOR HANGING BAITS ON THE MARKET. All baits can be accessed quickly, and are easily located and spotted for quick access to that HOT and SPECIAL bait by merely flipping the dividers. Box is a great organizer and keeps the spoons from getting tangled. This 8" PLUG box holds 128 PLUGS!! $50 + shipping
  6. Abu Garcia Linecounter with wire Abu Garcia A20LC Spooled with stainless steel wire. Perfect condition - drag and clicker are flawless. $60 plus shipping.
  7. Stern - Brand new 10, 20, and 40 lb. spools All spools sealed and new. $25 plus shipping.
  8. This is them. I got this off of fishusa website. if you compare the pics they are the same thing. when I bought them I made sure I specifically got trolling bags.
  9. Cannon and Off Shore Releases 9 in lot $80 + shipping
  10. (5) Roemer Releases 5 in lot All are in perfect condition $50 + shipping
  11. 6 Off Shore planer boards with Upgraded clips 6 (3 port, 3 starboard) upgraded red clips. also included is a pack of extra clips. $160 + shipping.
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