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  1. I have a mercury 15hp kicker and had the same issue I changed every fuel line the baulb the motor connector new filters and had the carb rebuilt twice and new thermostat was still stalling. Took a year but found out that it was gettig too hot and the gas was vaporizing so I cut out a section of the cowling on the carb side and put a vent in. It runs like brand new haven't had a issue since.

  2. I have dome 7 foot rods for copper but the top eye insert keeps falling out its two small I like the 7 foot rod for storage as my boat is smaller okuma makes a copper rod but it is 8'6" has anybody changed out the first eye to a bigger stainless eye for the knot to go through or know of a 7' rod for copper

  3. Looking for some advice on meat rigs how long of a leader do you use from the flasher to the back hook of the rig? Is there any good color combinations that are better then others and what brand will run the best out of the package 8" or bigger flasher Thanks for the help want to try these this year

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