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  1. I was wondering what color lure/ spoon name people like to run at the different depths. Or flasher color and fly/meat rig set up. Trying to zero in on what colors work better in the different water columns this year during the summer months June July and August before staging is setting up for chasing kings . So for instance if you had to break it down to " I like to run this color in this section of water":


    1) top 35 foot. ___________


    2) 35 to 50. ___________


    3) 50 to 75. ___________


    4) 75 to 100. ___________


    5) 100 to 125. __________Screenshot_20210119-133646_Facebook.jpeg


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    Johnson 2001 8 hp 2 stroke long shaft kicker motor for sale. Runs like a watch maintenance done every year. Low hours on it. Not used for constant regular trolling. But mostly to push if the wind wasn't enough to drift. Paint isn't off the prop. This is a great pick up for someone. Located in cananadiagua ny. $1000 Call don at 5853962938 for more info or to come see it. We all know a great used kicker is hard to find dont let this one slip by. Resized_20200627_111834.thumb.jpeg.8c2825e221050b1c9493353779a58bf3.jpegResized_20200627_111908.thumb.jpeg.123d5a71c7f1da6b90b6553a480a08b7.jpegResized_20200627_111818.thumb.jpeg.2d1fd56a0ace0d01b2116b9e5f5a35bf.jpeg


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  3. I feel pretty comfortable with running the gear but what I need to work on is eliminating the bad/ fish less water and identifying the water i should be putting time into. It seems it takes most of the morning before I can start figuring it out and i feel i waste a lot of time waiting for something to work. I was wondering if you guys had any tips or tricks or what what your methods are of choosing where to start. Maybe I need to do more driving around before I set up to fish but hate to waste the early morning bite hours driving around. Maybe it's I'm not paying close enough attention to what the wind just did to the water. Also I'd be interested in how often you change your setup from the initial spread you put out first thing in the morning if it isn't working and how often after that. The main goal this year for me is trying to become more efficient at identifying productive water. I know it changes as the year goes on and fish move all over as spring turns to summer so let's use mid summer... say July as our time of reference. Thanks in advance!!!


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  4. Just bought a used 40 saltist from them in "excellent condition" When it got here it was possibly a saltist 20 was missing a screw cap and the drag didn't work. I will say that they did get in contact with me immediatly after I messaged them and said they would make it right. Within the week I was refunded my money back.

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  5. Hey guys I'm starting to do some research on a possible Costa Rica trip Pacific side for offshore. I was wondering if anyone had any experience down there as in where to stay... who you may have chartered with... What time of year you went.... Any advise really as I start to look into this adventure. I want to do a mix of fishing .. exploring/adventure and relaxing.
    Thanks in advance
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  6. I was wondering if anyone out there has used the new tekota A reels. I am familiar with the older tekotas have a few coppers set up on them. I run mostly diawa saltist reels with line counters and am very happy with them. I just wondered if anyone ran the new tekotas last year and how they compare to the saltist... I'm in the market to get 3 or 4 new reels trying to get some info before the Niagra show.


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