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  1. Sorry but I have never fished a slider before and was going to try this year.  Can you explain the set in the picture.  It seems redundant in that you have 2 slider mechanisms.  What is the purpose of the release? 
    The release "fixes" the slider at a certain depth vs a "free" slider. Without the clip or a rubber band the slider settles at half the ball depth, which also catches fish.
    My buddy's personal best came on a free slider out of temp.

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  2. A Twilli tip or roller tip is required to prevent damaging the wire. The Twilli tip works just fine and is extremely easy to put on yourself.


    19 strand is supposed to be much easier to work with and show weak spots before failure. I intend to switch upon respool. Put 1000 yards on no matter your choice.

    Run lines through a rag in your fingers for tension to fill tightly.

    Fill one reel, tie on mono backer, and fill to full. Tie mono backer to other empty matching reel. Zero counter. Wind on mono. Write down #. Wind on wire. Fill original reel with appropriate amount of backer using noted #. Any mono will do in the 20 to 40# range. Anything laying around. It's to prevent wire slipping on spool. Your in big trouble if you ever see it while actively fishing. [emoji44]


    Okuma Convector 30's and Daiwa Sealine 47s work fine for me. Friends with 30 Coldwaters like those. Everyone loves Tekotas, they last forever.


    We use 10' dipsy rod on outside 3 dipsy and 8' rod on inside mag dipsy.









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  3. Wow !  There is a significant difference the deeper you go based on speed. Our poles are rigged with the 32lb copper.  At 400 feet there seems to be a possible 40 feet difference in .5 mph.
    That's the whole point to run it and source of it's effectiveness. It finds fish as it swims around. Leadcore works great on Lake Michigan, but Ontario's fish hold much deeper, so copper is better.

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  4. yes....and taking turns will lower it too.   I found bottom twice this past year in 100-110 ft of water on a 400 copper off of a church Tx44 with copper not far back from the board.   this was enlightening.  
    A 400 copper is supposed to run about 90 down on a straight troll when clipped just past board. Hitting bottom on an inside turn sounds right.

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  5. I only bent the arm and added Blood Runs' stainless pin. See no reason to move weights yet. I also was able to make a set of pins for a friend's board out of 1/8 stainless welding rod. Bent in a vise and cut groove with hacksaw. I'm also going to go back to the original clips that came with the boards. No need to mess with the yellow one when doing the twists on the back pin.

    Don't be afraid to bend the arm. Looks goofy, but works great. Completely takes away the flip and dive tendency of these boards. Keeping the rod low will seem strange too and also works well.

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