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  1. Boat in for the season at 9AM. Many thanks to the team at Arney's Marina. They are always a class act. Loaded the gear and were fishing off maxwell by 11:30. Finished at 2:30, 8 for 10, all browns.  Our best water was about 20'.  Spoon bite, in bright colors, organe, glow frog, chartruse. 7ft down 50-80 back on riggers, 130' back off the boards. 

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  2. copper outside the divers is ok. it really makes little difference if there is 1 or 2 divers down when you are deploying copper. The dive curve on a diver should be steeper (ie a 300 diver deeper than a 300 copper) than copper, so the copper should go over the diver. I think it's important to let the copper out and let it sit in the chute for a bit so that it find its true depth, as there is a tendency for it to sink when it is being let out. Then swing it over the top of the divers. I also keep my furthest diver out shorter than the copper on that side. For example, if you are running a 400 copper, I would limit the high diver  on that side to a maximum distance out of 375.

  3. I usually run the high diver out further than the low and set it first. If it's not out further it's really high because of the 1 vs. 3 setting. I usually run low on a 1 and high on 2.5. I also like a mag on the low and a regular on the high to increase seperation. I remember several days with the mag on a 1 (deep diver) out 200 to 250, and the high diver out 300 to 375. Tangles have not been an issue.

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  4. Fished 430 til sunset 450 +. Temp is down 135'. Big change in the water following the strong wind. West waves and south wind made boat handling a challenge. Managed 8 fish, but poorest quality in a month. Glow spoons 125 to 135 on the riggers were best. Any tricks for getting divers to work when temp is so deep. I tried a #1 out between 280 and 425, with poor results.


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  5. Friday, started in 200 ft. A few miles west and worked out. Bite started around 300 ft. on a 400 copper with magnum glow moonshine. 90 rigger went soon thereafter also glow moonshine. Worked the area another hour with another solid king on the high rigger. Worked out further and did two more around 450, 300 and 400 copper. Spoon bite only, magnum glows.


    Saturday, short trip due to commitments. Fished 400 to 500 fow, five kings on from 6 til 8, landed 3. Finally a few flasher bites on 280 diver #1.5. White Green dot spinny k41 fly.



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  6. Started out a few miles west with plans to target the same area as 2 days earlier 170 ft range. The temp break had moved up significantly. Worked out to 250ish and started catching. Black and white Spoons 55 to 90 down on the riggers. Chrome Spinny with flies 175 to 250 on #2. Ended 10:30. 7 for 8. 6 kings 1 Laker, 16 lb, 19lb were our best fish. 20170706_095238.jpg


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  7. Fished with some guests from Florida from 5 am til noon. 8 for 9, with 4 smaller kings, 3 bows and a brown. Lost only good king on diver out 275 with silver e chip. Worked the water off bollers from 100 to 250. It was nice to see a bunch of boats. Our best water was 150 to 180, just outside the big scum line. Northwest/southeast troll worked best. Glow spoons early, green and silver later. 28 size and smaller. Riggers 90 to 120, divers 225 to 300 #2. Spoon bite for us.


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