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  1. I just got into trolling this year and i would like more gear for fishing. For trade is a bucket of sockets, 22 screwdrivers, over 35 wrenches, wire cutters, a hand drill, a hand saw, Vice grips, and much more. Make offers i live in hilton. More pictures below
  2. hi i have a les davis dodger and i was wondering how old it is and what it is worth. Thanks
  3. Hi I am going to sandy creek and I am looking to catch lake trout. Can someone give me tips on what depth to go and what gear to use. I have spoons, flys , and cowbells. Any help is appreciated thanks
  4. I have 2 invader manual downriggers for sale . On one downrigger the line counter is broken. I am looking to get $60 for both of them or a fair trade.
  5. Im going out tomorrow at Braddocks Bay for the first time. I was wondering what depth the fish are at. Thank you Sent from my iPod touch using Lake Ontario United
  6. I just started trolling and I want to know when you should use flashers and how far away from your spoon they should be. I have 2 electric downriggers that I stack. How many flashers/dodgers should I use for this setup? Also what is the difference between flasher and a dodger.
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