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  1. Hi Guys;

    First, it’s been a long spring. I wish everyone on this site a safe trouble-free year and full boxes. Hands down, the best site of its kind.

    Personally, not much fishing for me this year. On New Years Day has a stroke and a heart attack. Almost died. My two sons saved my life. Suddenly, things like legacies take on new and significant meaning. Give your families hugs and tell them you love them. You just never know.

    All the best. Dan Watkin (Tincandan)

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  2. I think there should be some testing of the stocks being used for Lake O's Atlantic program, given how wide spread this virus appears to be. And what about the virus tipping into Pacific salmon species? Anyone heard anything? Asked anybody?

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  3. Thanks for your reply, Captain Vince. Apparently in farmed Atlantic's in BC, the virus is suspected to affect upwards of 90% of the fish. It's rampant in Atlantic Canadian farmed fish as well. I don't know if any of Lake Ontario's Atlantic sticks are affected, or if the virus is capable of "tipping" into other salmon species. Affected Atlantic's are mostly asymptomatic until they are stressed. I'd imagine weak fish in the wild would simply die or be eaten. Wild fish in Norway are also apparently similarly affected. Potentially a concern is my point.

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  4. I just read an article on piscine reovirus. Apparently the virus is widespread Atlantic salmon populations. It causes the hearts of affected fish to become flabby, and greatly affects their ability to ascend rapidly flowing water. I can't help but wonder if the virus affects Chinook salmon. Has anyone come across any information in this regard? It might offer some additional explanations about why our salmon appear to be so unthrifty.

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  5. This story kind of sucks. Did well on Friday, then packed everything up and went to the Soo. Washed lures for 2 days and came back to Port. Out this morning over 100 feet of water and took a big rip on a dipsie back 300 feet with a flasher and fly. Drags was too tight, a knot slipped and $20.00 worth of tackle was quickly donated to the lake. Should have stayed in tight. Lots of boats working they area. Pulled one shaker on a flasher and fly, but that was it for us. The grass is always greener, I guess..... NOT!!

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