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  1. 15 hours ago, glowgetter said:

    Are you only selling the motor ? What about on board charger and batteries  ???

    I have a ProMariner two stage charger thats hooked up now. it charges two 12v batteries that are hooked in series for 24volts. It can go with the motor. The batteries are weak and would not sell them because of that. I looked into batteries and you can get whats needed for about $110 each.

  2. Minn Kota terrova 24v. 60" and 80lb.thrust

    This model has lift assist which makes it easier to

    lower and raise. Comes complete with remote, heading sensor 

    and the manuals. The spot lock feature makes an anchor absolete.

     and will hold boat to a three foot area. Presently on boat in garage and can be seen working. 

    Removes from boat in less than a minute.

    Works and runs perfectly and is in excellent condition, Also included is a two bank ProMariner charger

    and a mounting bracket to remove from boat.

    Asking $1450--Call 315-963-2622

    Located in New Haven, NY. 13121






    IMG_0270 (1).JPG

  3. Pro Sport 12 Two Bank Battery charger, rated for 12/24volts.

    Charges two 12v batteries or Two 12v batteries in series for 24v.

    Includes built in power cord and the two cords for pos. & neg. to Batteries

    as well as the manual.

    Used for short period of time and have upgraded to a three bank charger

    Can be picked up in New Haven, NY or shipped for actual postage


    Call 315-963-2622



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