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  1. I'm selling my uncles Thompson cutlass 190, originally a bow rider he took the front back seats out and put pedestal seats in. We have used this boat and it has preformed well in many different cases, from Muskie trolling  in Cape Vincent, to taking my aunt cruising in Oneida lake. This boat has 3.o liter mercuiser and alpha one outdrive. always maintained well runs like a top. Always stored indoors in the winter and under cover in the summer. carb done last summer, new bellows in 2016 as well as shift cable. we've fished this boat on the edge of the shipping channel at night and never failed us. This boat has always been properly winterized. boat is ready to go!  accessories included: led night lights, spare nicked prop, safety equipment, custom trolling board that spans dog house, also well maintained trailer with new tires. ASKING $3500  I CAN ANSWER SOME QUESTIONS, OTHERS CALL 315-797-7602 









  2. it was night time in august last year and me and my dad were in our 15 foot sylvan (size doesn't matter) and we were drifting a drop off for walleye and my dad hooked into a nice fish, so he's fighting it and its running.... we finally get it to the side I get it into my grandpas net (we use because he rarely fishes any more) I lift it out of the water and... it rips the net luckily the gills got tangled and we got it in the live well, then I'm looking at his line and its frayed like crazy so I look at what he calls his (trusty pole) and the end clay was missing and slowly fraying the line! 

  3. 1 hour ago, Team Perch Lake Effect said:

    Hope your mentor has a quick recovery! Being out will help.

    Would get more responses if you posted this topic in the NY fishing reports section. I have fished and launched out 3 mile 3 days last weekend. Fri was a good day, Sat all we caught were sheep head in same spots we caught edible fish day before. Sun was a ghost town! Bait dissipated! Lost a good Pike at back of boat, only fish we hooked. Looking forward to this weekend follies! Gonna rig deep and run for salmon, something different. Good luck!

    I think that's our plan as well 

  4. Northern ontario trolling

    A few years a go when I was ten my mother passed away, me and my father were on our own. To ease our minds this new mentor entered my life, who was a SLR fisherman, took me and for my father out and as my dad says he had lost all control... We were hooked! All we wanted to do was get up there and fish, now we have a camp in Cape Vincent (we being me my dad and his fried Craig AKA my mentor) this man helped me with everything! From advice for life to working on snowmobiles. I looked forward to going up to camp every day I wasn't there, Craig took me and my father under his wing, we have just found out Craig has cancer. We had bought a Starcraft fish-master and bought  out a older man who had passed alway over 3000 pieces of salmon and trout fishing gear, Craig is going for a major surgery in around a month and me and my father agreed that any time we can over the next month were going to Try to take him fishing. This weekend we are going to launch, we hope at three mile bay. Any advice  on salmon, trout, walleye, what ever would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you all very much.  

  5. Thank you 

    3 hours ago, Roughrider IV said:

    I've been up since Friday, it's come up since I was here 2 weeks ago. Dock is now underwater at our campground. Ramp in CV has about 2 inches over wood docks yesterday.

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  6. Stringers Thompson

    Me and a friend are considering going to look at a Thompson 260 fisherman and we were wondering for any thing to look out for? Also how to check stringers, the boat is a 92 and has 300 hours 

  7. On ‎5‎/‎2‎/‎2017 at 1:40 PM, Bluefin54 said:

    Iceman, where is your place? I am right at sunny bank.

    Unfortunately the restaurant will not be opening this year, currently up for sale... going to be a sad summer without it

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    I am the white house right by the sunset shores sign that was for sale /rent for a few years

  8. On April 19, 2017 at 6:46 PM, Reelcrazy said:

    So last night I went out fishing and meant to get pictures of the interior. Instead I dropped my 1198c and cracked the screen. So that is being send out tomorrow for a new screen and to be looked over to the tune of 500 dollars. Boat is still for sale and pictures of interior and crack repair are on the way.

    How's the striper fishing? 

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