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  1. We had a similar experience today. We started just before sunrise and quickly picked up 3 nice steelhead on spoons between 150-200 fow. After that everything went dead except for two shaker kings out in 300+ fow that we discovered while cleaning lines. The last two days we hooked logs, balloons, plastic bags, and big clumps of weeds all while dealing with heavy fleas. It’s messy out there

    Ugh! Better luck next time. Off to bed now!

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  2. Slow for us this afternoon. Had no real intel to go on, so headed out to 300 and didn’t find any bait or marks. Looked around for fish with poor results. Headed NE and managed 3 steelhead in 440 FOW. One on wire Dipsy back 80 with F/F and the other braid dipsy 120 w green and black spoon. Pulled lines and went looking for marks with no luck. Came into 320 and had a couple bait balls and took a 2 year old king on rigger down 80 on green and black spin doctor and fly.

    Tons of water fleas and lots of salad. You really need to check your lines frequently to clean them off.

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  3. Planning to fish out of Olcott starting Wednesday evening thru Friday morning. Haven't been over for 2 years!


    Can someone tell me where I can buy some "meat" over that way? Sounds like a couple places we used to stop at are no longer in business. TIA!


    Would enjoy working with some other anglers on the water.


    What channel do most people use out of Olcott?




  4. Fished west of Olcott today, approx 4 miles. Fished mixed water from 200-430; could not get anything really going in any zone. Fish are still scattered, 3 for 7, 1 King 10lbs, another King and Coho.....but a great week at Lake Ontario! Heading back towards home tomorrow early. Good luck to all this is a great place!
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    Thanks for your reports all week! So glad you were able to get back on the lake for your annual week of fishing! Keep in touch and I’ll try to bring my boat over next year and tag along!

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  5. 12 hours ago, DammitDave said:

    Heading to Olcott Monday morning and would love to work with others. On our previous 2 trips over this summer, we got some good help from others that made a difference in our trip!! Hopefully we provided some assistance as well.  (I read the replies to Duxdemise "Olcott" post and appreciate that info. 


    Tight Lines! DammitDave 715 977-2425


    After checking the forecasts one last time, we decided to pull the plug and not make the trip over. Hopefully, we can make it over one more time this year.

  6. 9 hours ago, KilliansRed said:

    Today I was out of wilson, screen was good from 75 FOW to 100 FOW. Caught a 25 pounder down 30 over 80. Temp was 45 degrees down 68. A couple of fish were in the bait out of temp. Bite was tough but I didn’t have enough time to try to work other lures in before the wind picked up.

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    Thanks for report KilliansRed.  (BTW, while I like Killians Red, I prefer a Smithwick. :-)

  7. Went back to the scene of the crime this morning. Left the dock at 6:00 and had 4 by 7:00. Finished 7 for 7 and pulled line at 9:00 to head home.


    Meat rigs caught 5 of them. Had 6 lines out and only 2 meat rigs, rigger down 75 and 300 copper. 1.8 mph at ball was best speed for us, which seemed slow to me. Tight lines!





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  8. I'd be curious to hear how your trip turns out. I'm planning on heading up later this week. We are going to start fishing Thursday afternoon and go through Saturday weather dependent. The wind doesn't look great early this week. It looks like things might get stirred up pretty well.

    Chance of storms this morning so didn’t go out until about 9:30. Fished a couple hours and came in when it got a little rough (occasional 3 footers. Found some fish
    in 320 FOW a little west of Olcott. Caught 2 in a.m. and 6 this evening. Had some nice 4 year-olds in mid to upper teens. Meat rigs were best. Rigger down 75 and mag dipsey, out 160 on 2 setting. Also caught on 300 copper. Only 1 spoon bite today.

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