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  1. On Friday Jan 8th Sandy Creek in Hamlin lost a great captain,husband, father & brother and friend.Capt Mike Bonaffine lost a courageous battle with covid-19.Any one in our fishing community will understand what a tremendous loss this is. Mike placed a great value on friendship.We have fished with the same crew for 25 plus years because of him.I could not have asked for a better older brother or mentor for the great outdoors.If the song"Mr Breeze" by Lynard Skynyrd comes on the radio,smile cause Capt Mike is in heaven fishing his butt off.Tight lines forever big brother,rest in piece.


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  2. My brother and I have been fishing lake Ontario since the late 70's.We have ment a lot of great people that share the same passion we do,we also have ment some no so great people ,not many though.We fish out of the port as Silver Fox, Scott is a good fisherman and stand up guy.We started doing this long before the internet.Word of mouth was the only info back then, sometimes it's best to try different things and see what's works best for you and your rig.Be the guy who makes the news,not the one who follows it

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