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  1. On 7/31/2011 at 2:51 PM, High Bidder said:

    I noticed today that I almost lost the bolt that secures the downrigger to the base(new Model). Apparently there is a retaining washer on the bolt that came off and the bolt was barely hanging on the base. I was lucky it didn't fall out as I had the base turned so the bolt was outward. So this is just a word of advice. Keep your base turned so the retaining bolt(with knob handle) is facing the inside of your boat so if it falls out it will land in the boat. I now stocked extra SS bolts in case I lose one. I also am going to machine a small groove in the bolt and install a spring clip.

    High Bidder

    Hey do you have a photo of what you came up with for a fix for this. Running into the same issue with my riggers. I like keeping the bolt where it is but don’t care to lose the bolt. Thanks! 

  2. 1 hour ago, Totally Hooked said:

    We run double dipseys most days unless current is challenging. Here are a couple pics of which holders we put them in. 

    The holders circled In red are where we put rods. You can also see them deployed in the one pic. Excuse the pic of my wife, just happens to be the only pic I have of rods out. Like others said, set on 1 and 3. I also tip the inside rod up one click on the holder, not sure if that’s right or not but works for us. 




    What size rod lengths are you running? The set up you have behind your wife is something i am looking at running, thanks!

  3. Asking for some help/advice, 


    I own a 21ft trophy, i currently run 1 wire dipsy off each side of the boat. I have traxstech 6inch track mount with rod holder for each dipsy. I am looking into running 2 dipsy's off each side of the boat. I was waiting for the Niagara Falls show to ask them these questions but now that it's cancelled I am reaching out to you guys for help. How far apart should I have each rod apart from each other, i currently run a 9ft okuma glt rod, should my other rod be longer than that going up to a 10ft or you recommend going with a shorter rod about 8ft. Not sure if i should buy another 6inch track for the mount or just buy maybe a 18inch or 24inch track mount to house both of the dipsy mounts on each side of the boat. Any help i would greatly appreciate!

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