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  1. My boat is 16'11 with a 9.9 Suzuki and a 90HP Mercury. I fish restricted lakes with just the electric or the 9.9 all the time and the cold Merc just steering, I did try a 20hp computer on my last boat with a similar 9.9 engine it didn't plane with the extra HP so I swapped props for a month and I got like 2mph for my $1000 so I'd never do that again. I got a ticket once I was 6 miles from the launch and it appeared to be a tornado blowing down the lake. I fired up the 90HP and hauled away from the incoming doom, then continued on to the launch but the warden was down there too where it was pretty clear. Nice guy actually I admitted guilt he went easy on me. There's no law in NY against having a motor that's not used. Hull speed is like 7 or 8mph that's all I got on the restricted waters.

  2. I troll alone, I found the downriggers to be easier than planer boards, I run 2 downriggers 1 rod on each and one leadcore line off the back. It keeps things simple and not tangled. It takes a minute to get used to using them but once the motor memory is learned it's super easy.  Plus you can see exactly where your spoon is on the fishfinder with the DR's pretty easy. The biggest improvement in my fishing career was getting the autopilot for my trolling motor. I use the gas motor to get to where I want to troll point the boat downwind and set the ipilot and then it's worry free fishing not fighting the lake. 24v I-Pilot lasts 5 or 6 hours easily as long as I'm not pushing against the wind but I'm not out in 8' swells either. 

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  3. Hi my name is Ed I fish Canadice and Hemlock almost exclusively I run a 17' Alumaweld boat aluminum/green color from Oregon with a 10hp kicker and 24v trolling motor haven't started the 90 horse in years if you see me on the lake stop and chat I fish as much as I can but not nearly enough. I troll for lakers mostly.

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